Nicola Sturgeon under fire over ‘undermining’ lockdown measure – ‘Breaking UK’

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Nicola Sturgeon has been questioned over her decision to take a different approach to the one Prime Minister Boris Johnson adopted to battle the coronavirus. The Prime Minister announced on Thursday English residents will be able to meet friends and family members from Monday as long as they limit their group to six people. Ms Sturgeon on Friday also announced a relaxation of the rules but said Scots could meet “up to eight people” as long as they remain outdoors.

The unexplained difference in groups size sparked fury on Twitter, with one user writing: “People in Scotland will be meeting 8 and more, no one is listening to Sturgeon’s claptrap.

“Shops heaving this morning, no distancing, people strolling around, kids running amok.”

Another Twitter user wrote: “Sturgeon she has been clever as she lets Boris do all the difficult stuff and then waits to see what the press and public say.

“Then a week later has learnt from that and changes her policy to reflect that.”

One viewer commented on the daily press conference writing: “To be fair it’s Sturgeon who is breaking up the UK. Although 8 looks a better number than 6 to accommodate families.”

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One social media user suggested the First Minister’s strategy to ease lockdown measures was all “smoke and mirrors.”

They wrote: “2 wks ago Sturgeon said it was too soon for Scotland to come out of lockdown, as did Drakeford for Wales.

“Now she says 8 people can meet, whilst Boris says 6 can meet. Drakeford speaks today. How stupid must you be not to see that this is all smoke and mirrors. FFS Think”

Another wrote: “PM days you can meet up to 6 people outside Nicola Sturgeon says 8 is she just trying to undermine the PM again?”

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Reiterating the new relaxed rules, Ms Sturgeon said: “I want to recap on the changes to the lockdown restrictions on social interaction and leisure that have taken effect today.

“I’m very conscious this weekend will be the first in quite some time that people will be able to meet up.

“From today you and your household can meet with another household out of doors. That can be in a park or in a private garden. However, you should limit the number of people meeting up to a maximum of eight.

“Ideally, it would be less than that. You should not meet with more than one household at a time and please, don’t meet with more than one household per day.”

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