Nigel Farage’s mother kept him guessing after nude shoot: ‘Not sure what I’ll do next!’

Nigel Farage criticises Keir Starmer on Brexit comments

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Known as the Godfather of Brexit, Nigel Farage remains one of the country’s most divisive politicians, championed and condemned in equal measure across the country. His most successful campaign saw him spearhead the Leave campaign during the Brexit referendum of 2016, with his side narrowly beating Remain in the polls. Mr Farage’s recent work has mostly consisted of media appearances, with a fortnightly slot on GB News.

While much is known about his political work, less is known about his personal life.

In a throwback 2014 report, the Daily Mail recalled how his mother, Barbara Stevens, once appeared in a string of nude photoshoots for charity.

Ms Stevens posed nude on at least four occasions, helping to raise money through her local Women’s Institute.

Her first appearance saw her don a Liberal Democrat yellow hard hat, wearing just a set of pearls and heels as she posed behind a hydraulic machine.

Two years later, she ditched the yellow in favour of lavender — coincidentally the same colour as her son’s then-party Ukip — before again taking part in the calendar in 2009.

This time, however, it was Labour’s red which stood out most prominently, as she carried a bunch of roses, her body covered in pink paint.

And finally, in 2011, now over 70 years old, Ms Stevens was snapped on a Conservative blue chaise longue, though was still undressed underneath feathers and a net.

Speaking in 2014 to the Daily Mail, Ms Stevens noted how she would no longer pose naked as she “didn’t think Nigel needs that sort of publicity to be honest”.

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She continued: “But they were tastefully produced – we weren’t aiming for the top shelf.

“We raised a net profit of £42,000 over the years, and it was a wonderful achievement.”

Ms Stevens noted that Mr Farage, and brother Andrew, were not totally behind her charity push, admitting that they “wonder what their mother is going to get up to next”.

At the time, Mr Farage was questioned about what he thought of his mother’s antics, but noted that he was “going to make no comment about it myself”.

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However, a spokesperson for the politician later added: “Nigel is very happy with how much money his mother raises for charity.”

More recently, Mr Farage has retaken his place under the spotlight as he continues to champion the UK and its having a greater say in its own future.

His own unhappiness at how the UK’s breakaway from the EU was being handled led him to create the Brexit Party in 2019.

While he later left the organisation, Mr Farage’s wishes were fulfilled by 2020, when Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the UK had finally left the bloc, with terms of an exit agreed.

Earlier this year, Mr Farage found himself the subject of a new book documenting his incredible rise to political heavyweight that has recently been released by Michael Crick, entitled One Party After Another: The Disruptive Life of Nigel Farage.

It charts his years of attempting to become a Member of Parliament led him on a quest to becoming a Member of the European Parliament, before championing the UK in quitting the bloc.

In the book, Mr Crick noted that Mr Farage’s quest had started from an early age, and his ability to connect with others stood out when he was an 11-year-old in primary school.

Mr Crick wrote: “On the one hand, laddish, outrageous, rude, provocative, a natural performer in front of a crowd, a braggart. On the other, a defier of convention and a breaker of boundaries, someone with the bottle to attempt the seemingly impossible and succeed.

“Here was the rebel who would spit in the eye of the Establishment in his crusade to turn British politics on its head and end the UK’s membership of the EU after close to half a century of what he saw as vassalage.

“For his vital part in this monumental upheaval, which changed the direction the country was going in, he has to be one of the most important politicians of modern British history.”

He added: “Though never elected to the House of Commons or serving as a government minister, he has been a more significant player than most leaders of the traditional political parties, more influential than some prime ministers.

“Indeed, the Brexit he fought for — and which almost certainly would not have happened without him — claimed the scalps of two PMs, David Cameron and Theresa May, and catapulted a third, Boris Johnson, into Downing Street.”

One Party After Another: The Disruptive Life of Nigel Farage was published by Simon & Schuster UK and is available here.

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