Nigel Farage’s REAL post-Brexit plan unmasked: ‘I won’t settle!’

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Mr Farage has stoked the fires of euroscepticism once more – by sharing a picture of himself with a freshly laundered Italexit t-shirt on Twitter. The picture was taken on Monday, as the Brexit Party leader met Italian Senator Gianluigi Paragone, the driving force behind a new single-issue party aimed at taking Italy out of the EU. Mr Farage, who has been instrumental in Britain’s decision to quit the bloc four years ago, and who has remained closely involved ever since, tweeted the picture with a simple one word message: “ITALEXIT.”

His tweet attracted plenty of backing.

Mr Paragone hopes to capitalise on the growing anti-EU sentiment as the country struggles to revive its coronavirus-hit economy.

The Italian eurosceptic said: “We can no longer be blackmailed by countries that offend the great prestige of Italy.

“Only a really sovereign state like Britain, can address the economic crisis the pandemic has provoked.”

Mr Farage’s involvement in the Italexit campaign comes as no surprise.

In early February, the prominent Brexiteer had already shed light on his post-Brexit plan.

Speaking at Liberty University in Virginia, Mr Farage said he wasn’t planning on giving up on politics.

He said: “I haven’t finished with just getting the United Kingdom out of the European Union.

“I won’t settle until I get the whole of Europe out of the European Union.”

With COVID-19 lighting the Italexit flame, the cause appears ripe for Mr Farage.

A recent poll shows that 67 percent of Italians believe that being a member of the bloc is a disadvantage for Italy.

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The country was the hardest hit on the continent, with feelings of being left twisting in the wind by the EU.

Even though the recently agreed €750billion (£683bn) EU Recovery Fund will see Italy get €208.8billion (£189bn).

However, there’s still an undertone that the northern states led by the Netherlands would have preferred to give far less.

In May, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte was extraordinarily captured on film, as he reassured one worker that money was not going to go to the Italians or the Spanish.

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During a visit to a waste processing plant, a man urged the Prime Minister to block taxpayers’ money from being used as part of an EU rescue fund for the bloc’s worst-hit countries.

The worker at Hague Environmental Services plant said: “Please, do not give the Italians and the Spanish the money.”

Mr Rutte responded “no, no, no”, before laughing and then giving him the thumbs up.

The video sparked fury across Europe, particularly in Italy.

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