No ‘chink in the armour that Putin could exploit ‘ Lord Dannatt war…

Ukraine should 'start negotiating' with Russia says Lord Dannatt

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Lord Dannatt discussed Liz Truss becoming the next Prime Minister. The military expert explained that Liz Truss will have to make sure that Putin cannot exploit the UK, by making sure that there were no chinks in Britain’s armour. Lord Dannatt warned Ms Truss that she would be entering Number 10 Downing Street with a very full in-tray. The next Prime Minister will be announced tomorrow and whoever is chosen will have to get straight to work as the UK faces a crippling cost of living crisis, inflation and supporting Ukraine.

Lord Dannatt told Times Radio: “It would appear that she has convinced a majority of Conservative Party members that she is the right person to be their Party leader.

“And the right person to be our next Prime Minister, but she’s going to have to work really, really hard on that.

“Very full in-tray that you were describing in your introduction, none of which is more important than the topic that you and I are discussing, at this moment.

“And that is our support for Ukraine, it is absolutely critical that she does her best to work with European colleagues.

“And particularly with the Americans because it’s American arms equipment, whatever that actually is supporting the Ukrainians to the extent that they are.

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Lord Dannatt added: “That’s actually having a significant effect of turning around on the battlefield.

“But I go back to my original point, whatever happens on the battlefield in a sense, is secondary to what happens on the economic front.

“And that’s where she’s got to work really hard, particularly with European colleagues to make sure that there isn’t a chink in the armour that Putin could exploit.

“That’s really really critical.”

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Ms Truss is currently the bookmaker’s favourite to win tomorrow, as she has managed to secure support from many Conservative Party members.

Whoever wins the contest will be tasked with tackling the ongoing cost of living crisis, and making sure that Ukraine continues to receive support from Britain.

Many experts are warning of Putin’s threat to Europe, so security and defences have become a priority in many countries in Europe.

Ms Truss wrote in the Telegraph earlier this month, that she would increase defence spending if she was made Prime Minister.

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Ms Truss said: “When malign actors are ready to peddle falsehoods, our duty is to ensure the world hears the truth. That is why we set up the Government Information Cell to counter the Kremlin’s false narratives.”

She added:  “I will go further as Prime Minister by doing everything possible – including declassifying more intelligence – to expose Putin’s playbook to the world.

“My Government will use intelligence strategically to reveal the Kremlin’s attempts to undermine and destabilise freedom-loving democracies.

“Where there are lies, they will be exposed, where there is barbarism, we will call it out.”


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