‘No sign’ of Royal rift ‘going away’ as expert says it’s ‘deepened’

Harry and Meghan: Palace 'taking the right stance' says Palmer

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After the final three episodes of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s documentary was released, some have suggested there is “no going back” for the Duke of Sussex as one royal expert warns the rift has “deepened” since the show. The final three episodes saw a number of allegations made against the monarchy – particularly by Harry who slammed his brother Prince William for “screaming and shouting” at him during a meeting about his departure from the firm.

Speaking about the documentary for the Daily Express’s royal roundup, Richard Palmer said: “I’m pretty sure the King will not have welcomed some of the things that were said in those last three programmes. I’m pretty sure that he wants it all to go away but there’s no sign of the rift in the family being fixed at all and the rift has deepened really. 

“You had Harry talking about feeling terrified that his brother was shouting at that meeting and his father was saying things that weren’t true so that’s all quite dramatic stuff. A key point that raised a few eyebrows in newsrooms was his allegation that the Mail group was responsible for his wife suffering a miscarriage.

“He said that very clearly and said he couldn’t prove that but said it was clear in his own mind that the stress of that is what caused it in his mind.”

A number of claims were made by the couple in the final three episodes, with Harry discussing the meeting that ultimately decided his departure from the Royal Family as a working member.

Harry said the meeting had been “strategically planned” to ensure Meghan was not present – with the Duchess returning to Canada to be with their son Archie at the time.

The Duke claimed William had “shouted” at him during the meeting, and that his grandmother the Queen sat there “silent” while listening to the ongoing conversations surrounding Harry’s possible move to the United States.

And surprisingly, Harry claimed he had not wanted to entirely step down from his duties, but had been left with no other option after only being presented with “two” at the meeting.

He said he had opted for “option three” which involved him and Meghan completing duties on behalf of the Queen while living overseas.

After the meeting, it was decided that the Duke of Sussex would step down from his duties as a working member of the institution.

Harry and Meghan moved to the United States in March 2020 and have since made a number of allegations against the monarchy.

A statement released at the time of their departure denied allegations that Prince William had “bullied” them out of their roles as senior members of the family, and was signed by both the Duke of Sussex and the Prince of Wales.

But Harry made the shock claim that this statement had not been run by him, and that the Palace were willing to “lie to protect” William but refused to “tell the truth” to protect him and Meghan.

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Mr Palmer added there was “no evidence” of the “mythical contract” that Harry and Meghan claimed the press had with the palace.

He added: “Harry and Meghan were hugely popular but lost the support of the British public because of their actions. It was they who broke the unwritten contract between the Royal Family and the British public by wanting all the benefits of being part of the Firm without the sacrifices that go with it.

They wanted to make their own money from their royal status; they didn’t want to share details of their children’s godparents, even though church records of every other child christened in the UK are available to anyone.

“They were more focused on building their brand in the United States than the UK even before they quit.”

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