No social distancing here! Dog plonks himself on unimpressed Rottweiler – VIDEO

Dog sits on an unimpressed Rottweiler in hilarious moment

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But for poor Harper the Rottweiler some dogs are yet to grasp the concept of social distancing, and her brother Hudson shows himself to be firmly in this category as he takes a seat directly on her legs.

Hudson, who is a Bernese mountain dog, clearly lacks self-awareness in terms of his size, a fact which his sister sadly must pay the price for.

The amusing clip, which comes from TikTok user @harper_and_hudson, was a smash hit with viewers on the video sharing platform, with over 144,000 likes and over 645,000 views.

The video shows Harper’s furious reaction as Hudson lands on her, eliciting a deep growl from the Rottweiler, before she calms down and gives her brother a kiss to let him know she still loves him despite his clumsiness.

But Harper is also sure to let her owner know she will not quickly forget Hudson’s transgression, giving the camera a telling look just before the end of the video.

Viewers were clearly amused by the clip, with one commenting: “The way she kisses him anyway ‘sorry for being dramatic’.”

Another wrote: “She was like ‘you literally sat on me again!’.”

A third added: “Personal space is unknown for Bernese, so cute.”

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