‘Not a match’ Prince Charles and Diana differences telling in final pre-wedding interview

Charles and Diana 'don't seem like a match' says expert

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Today, July 29, marks 41 years since the wedding day of Prince Charles and Diana, Princess of Wales. On July 28th 1981, the couple were interviewed by Andrew Gardner and Angela Rippon in the Summer House at Buckingham Palace, ahead of their big day. Speaking on the latest episode of their podcast, Royally Obsessed, hosts Rachel Bowie and Roberta Fiorito discussed the pre-wedding interview and how, upon revisiting, it showed very early signs that they weren’t quite a “match”.

Ms Bowie said: “I rewatched the interview that happened the night before the wedding, on July 28, 1981.

“I feel like that is actually more telling, more fascinating, and of course hindsight is easy, but I think the bigger takeaway that I have from that is just, how different they come across.”

She observes that Charles appears “so formal” and a little “awkward”. 

Whereas, Diana is “really disarming” and has so much “humility” compared to her husband-to-be.

Ms Bowie continued: “Again, it’s hindsight, but they just don’t seem like a match when you watch it, 41 years later”.

The couple married on July 29, 1981 at St Paul’s Cathedral in London.

The wedding was attended by over three thousand guests.

The wedding took place just five months after their engagement was officially announced. At the time of the wedding, Charles was already in his 30s and Diana was just 20-years-old.

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One year after their big day, Diana gave birth to their first son, Prince William in June 1982. Two years later, the couple welcomed their second son, Prince Harry.

After just five years of marriage, both Charles and Diana had extramarital affairs and the breakdown of the marriage secretly began.

The next few years saw the couple plagued with rumours of marital problems.


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Charles and Diana’s separation was announced by Prime Minister John Major in 1992. 

A statement read out by the then Prime Minister read: “This decision has been reached amicably and they will both continue to participate fully in the upbringing of their children”.

Their divorce was finalised in 1996, just one year before Diana’s tragic death in Paris, France.


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