‘Not a single advantage?’ Brexiteers blast back at ‘weak, poor’ UK claims

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The assertion was made in response to far right French presidential election candidate Marine Le Pen saying she wanted to create a “sovereign France” after making it through to the run off on April 24. Writer Mary Riddell tweeted: “Beware, French voters, of the ‘Sovereign France’ promised by the Far Right’s Marine Le Pen.

“Ask yourselves whether Brexit has brought a single advantage. The answer is no. The UK is weaker, poorer and more isolated. You already have sovereignty. So did we.”

The tweet caused a Twitter storm as Brexiteers rushed to defend Brexit Britain.

BruceCrutchley, mimicking the original tweet, countered: “Rejoice, French voters, of the ‘Sovereign France’ promised by Marine Le Pen.

“Ask yourselves whether Brexit has brought a single advantage. The answer is yes. The UK is stronger, richer and more global. You don’t already have sovereignty. So get it.”

Fellow Twitter user Monika4557924 replied to Ms Riddell’s tweet: “It is not true. The war in Ukraine showed that. UK is independent and can provide unlimited help to Ukraine without awaiting any decision from EU. Just compare FR and UK actions.”

NickMillward tweeted: “Really?? Anyone looking remotely objectively at the UK’s role in Ukraine would describe the UK as being anything but isolated. Your anti Brexit bias clearly precludes you from viewing the topic dispassionately.”

And antiwokebloke01 chimed in: “I’m sure they’re hanging on your every word….this relentless obsession with the EU is bewildering and unhealthy. Britain simply didn’t want to be locked into an increasingly federal super state… That’s the start and end of the debate. Deal with it.”

A poll showed on Tuesday that Ms Le Pen is closing the gap with President Emmanuel Macron ahead of the second round of the country’s presidential election.


The OpinionWay-Kea Partners poll published by Les Echos and Radio Classique showed Ms Le Pen narrowing the gap by one point, although Mr Macron would still win the run-off with 54 percent of the vote.

Its turnout estimate further declined by one percent to 70 percent, down from 74.56 percent in 2017, which was already the lowest since 1969.

Ms Le Pen on Tuesday said she had no secret agenda for France to leave the European Union even if her attempts to reform the bloc fail.

She told France Inter Radio: “I don’t have a secret agenda.

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“I think a large majority of French people no longer want the European Union as it exists today, which is a European Union that functions in an absolutely undemocratic way, which advances by threat, by blackmail and which implements policies that are against the interests of the people.”

Ms Le Pen ditched plans to haul France out of the EU, its free-movement Schengen zone and the euro.

However, she remains deeply euro-sceptic and says she would renegotiate the agreement on Schengen and increase the number of customs agents, re-introducing checks on goods entering France from other EU states.

She insists the move would counter fraud, but analysts say it raises questions over friction-free trade within the EU’s single market.

Asked if she would leave the EU if all her attempts to reform the bloc fail, Ms Le Pen replied: “Not at all.”

Ifop pollsters predict a very tight runoff with 51 percent of the vote for Mr Macron and 49 percent for Ms Le Pen.

However, the gap is so tight that victory either way is within the margin of error.

Other pollsters have offered a slightly bigger margin for Mr Macron – of up to 54 percent.

After securing her place in the run off, Ms Le Pen said on Sunday: “I have stayed loyal and respectful of others so that we can create a sovereign France and I believe this can happen on April 24.

“I will be the president of all the French people if I am given that honour.”

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