‘Not everyone enjoys same privileges!’ Kate Middleton trolled over baby bank visit

Kate Middleton arrives at London baby bank in Brent

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The Duchess was criticised after visiting Little Village who collect clothes, toys and supplies for children up to 5 years old. They are the largest baby bank in London with 8 locations across the capital and supported 22,000 people last year, including 6,400 children.

The official Duke and Duchess of Cambridge account described the work of the charity as “essential”.

The royal couple took to Twitter to praise the hard work the charity does and penned: “From providing toys, clothes and essential items for young children, to linking local families with key services, @LittleVillageHQ baby banks support families across London.

“It’s wonderful to hear how volunteers work closely with each individual family to understand their personal needs, providing tailored support in a way that ensures they are treated with love, kindness and dignity.”

However, the Duchess was trolled on the social media platform by a Twitter user.

The Twitter user wrote to her followers: “Not every family on benefits enjoys the same privileges as yours!

“Time for a republic.”

Responding to the Cambridges social media post some users agreed with the republican sentiments.

Twitter user operating under the handle @RWoodwa31597327 wrote: “Ever wondered why the UK, the fifth wealthiest country in the world, has so many charities?

“It’s as if the money is going to the wrong people.”

Meanwhile @Best_Mate_1874 added: “You wore a £68.3m necklace bab, don’t take the michael!”

Another user, @Jan44276938, chimed in: “How do you sleep at night? You wouldn’t feel it, the fear, the destitution ever. Instead of castles & crowns, close the firm and get a zero hours job.”

However, royal fans strongly defended the Duchess as well as the kindness she had shown.

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Royal fan @peter09113403 said: “Catherine you’re a special woman, thank you for doing so many amazing things. This is a service!”

Another, @DukeandDuches12, added: “Amazing and essential work that Little Village does for society, great to see the Duchess again visiting the place.”

@DarkSldeoftMoon said: “Thanks for highlighting the beautiful cause they support. They have been helping so many families and their young kids.”

While @KateSmi43240761 exclaimed: “What a wonderful scheme.”

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