‘Not everything has to be offensive!’ Row explodes over Union Jack for Platinum Jubilee

Furious Britons defend Union Jack

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Union Jack flags, hats, shirts, and bunting – the symbol of the United Kingdom is on every street corner as thousands gather to celebrate the Queen’s 70-year reign on the throne. But for many, the flag is a symbol of historic racism and jingoism, leading to an explosion of fierce discussion online over whether it should be used.

One Twitter user said they were “gonna scream” if they saw “one more Union Jack”, while another said: “I’m so bored of this Union Jack waving bollocks already.”

Another added they hoped it would rain tomorrow so that a planned street party could no longer take place.

Meanwhile, one user said they had faced abuse after sharing their “distaste” for the flag, saying they “received so many abusive and abhorrent replies from Johnson and Brexit lovers”.

They added: “you know why this country has become the place it has – ugly does not cut it.”

But other Britons have questioned why the flag is such an issue for so many.

One said: “My neighbour is offended at all the Union Jack flags and I don’t get it… we live in GB, the Queen is from GB, hence the flags, no?

“Not everything has to be offensive”

In the build-up to the Platinum Jubilee commentators compared the abundance of the flag to the use of the swastika in Nazi Germany.

For instance, broadcaster India Willoughby said on Twitter: “When the Queen dies, [I] wouldn’t be surprised if Boris appoints himself Fuhrer and assumes total control.

“That’s how close I think Britain is to Nazi Germany.”

After facing a backlash, Ms Willoughby responded by adding: “I belong to a section of society where laws are being passed, protections removed. Relentlessly demonised every day.

“You don’t notice because it doesn’t [affect] you.

“This is a Gov that has put itself above the law, taken over supposedly independent institutions, does away with critical media, and is scrapping the Human Rights Act.

“I think you all need to wake up and smell the coffee!”

However, others have defended the flag, with British activist Darren Grimes arguing: “OUR flag represents OUR values, OUR institutions, OUR democracy, OUR way of life and OUR United Kingdom.

“Those values are sod all like those of Nazi Germany and anyone who says otherwise has a pathological loathing of their own nation and ought to seek immediate help.”

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Nile Gardiner, former aide to Margaret Thatcher, also said: “There are some stupid idiots out there with no sense of history. Without the Union Jack, the spirit of freedom it represents, and the immense courage of the British people together with that of the United States and the free world, the Nazis would still be occupying Europe today.”

A recent opinion poll released by YouGov indicates that 62percent of citizens support the monarchy, 22percent are in favour of an elected head of state, while 16percent answered “do not know”.

Another poll released this week by Ipsos-Mori indicates that 68percent are in favour of the Monarchy compared to 22percent who favour the option of a republic and 10percent who “do not know”.

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