‘Oh my Goodness!’ William in stitches as adoring fan says she recalls ‘when he was born’

William jokes that he can't remember when he was born

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Prince William was filmed joking with a royal well-wisher during a walkabout in The Bahamas. The Duke of Cambridge was shaking hands when someone from the crowd screamed: “I remember when you were born!”

This sudden exclamation of joy at the sight of the second-in-line to the throne stunned William, who said: “Oh my Goodness!”

Placing a hand on his chest, he then quipped: “I don’t even remember when I was born!”

The royal then burst out in laughter, followed by many other members of the public.

This clip, taken on March 25, first circulated on Instagram but quickly gained traction on Twitter too, with many royal fans commenting on it.

One, @LT123413, stunned by the similarities between Princess Diana and the Duke of Cambridge, said: “Awww… You can’t help but see his mother in his smile”.

A second, @RhondaD08637655, said: “Love this video of Wills. I too remember when he was born, watched him grow into the man he’s now become and it’s been an awesome journey to watch, from here in Australia”.

@Vicki4WVU wrote: “So funny. I’d be the same way shaking his hand!!

“He’s such a blessing to the Monarchy. Humility beyond!”

Finally, @JenCarsonTaylor wrote: “Her joy is so genuine and affecting.

“And his response endearing. So sweet.”

During this same walkabout, which took place in Nassau, Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, was spotted cooing over a newborn baby.

Kate and Prince William ended their eight-day tour of the Caribbean on Saturday.

On their last day in The Bahamas, they visited the island of Abaco, devastated by Hurricane Dorian in 2019.

There, they heard more about the damages made by the hurricane, the loss of life it caused and listened to some of the people directly affected by the devastation.

They later took part in a memorial ceremony, with Kate laying a bouquet of flowers to pay respect to the victims.

Their next stop was at a local Fish Fry, where they met vendors and tried local treats.

As Kate ate some conch, which is said to have the same effect as viagra, she joked: “I’m a little bit more adventurous than William is”.

Prince William also tasted a local delicacy called Gullywash, coconut juice with condensed milk.

As he was clearly enjoying his drink, he quipped: “You guys talk amongst yourself I’m staying here.”

The Cambridges then headed to Grand Bahamas, where they visited the Grand Bahama Children’s Home, which has provided a home environment for children unable to live with their parents since 1977.

Finally, before bowing out of the tour, the pair visited Coral Vita, one of the five winning initiatives of last year’s Earthshot Prize.

Kate and William, who left The Bahamas on Saturday evening, reportedly enjoyed the beauty of the nation so much they are looking forward to travelling there with their children in the near future.

A source told the MailOnline: “They said they have FaceTimed their children to show them the views, which blew them away, and that they can’t wait to come back with them.”

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