‘Out-of-control super rats’ take over homes across Britain

Birmingham: Mum details her issues with rats and mice

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Rodents branded ‘super rats’ are taking over homes in Britain due to levels of waste that cause the ‘out-of-control’ pests to run tiot, an expert says. Stuart Halliday, the owner of Kill and Cure Pest Control, took aim at families that regularly waste food, saying this was the root cause of the devastation.

42-year-old Halliday told The Sun: “The main thing causing them to get bigger is their food sources. Like humans you get some big humans and you get some small.

“But if you’re eating really well and you’re doing really well and there’s nothing much about to knock you on the head you can get bigger – and then your babies can get bigger.

“These rats have got all the food they want from people putting fats down the drain which then turns into fatbergs.”

He said the main culprits include people who flush unwanted food down the toilet and any pieces of pasta or rice that end up going down the plughole during dish-washing.

The pest control expert urged people to stop putting so much food into the sewers, which allows the rats to pile on the pounds before the invade properties.

Even feeding birds poses a danger, because any leftovers will be ruthlessly stripped by the rodents.


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The pest control expert also noted that an absence of predators has contributed to the ballooning of pesky rats.

He claimed badgers and foxes were the only main threats to rats across the UK.

However, Mr Halliday also noted that those predators wouldn’t bother rats coming from a sewer. He said the key to becoming the dominant rat in such an environment, is simply to become the biggest.

Some rats are becoming resistant to rodenticide according to the expert, another factor contributing to their growth in stature.

He told the publication that he’s encountered rats so big, he can’t forget them.

On once occasion, he ran into a rodent so large it wasn’t able to be killed using a conventional rat trap.

He noted that rat traps have to meet a certain specification to ensure they kill the rodents instantly, however on this occasion the rat was so large, it was wearing the trap as a hat.

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