Owner of paralysed puppy that suffered ‘shocking and disturbing’ injuries demands justice

Justice For Reggie: the campaign to end puppy farming

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Tammie Fox adopted her puppy, Pumpkin, at 8 weeks old. When she noticed that the puppy was having trouble walking, she took her to the vets who revealed that the puppy’s spine and legs were broken. As a result, Pumpkin is now fully paralysed from the waist down.

Ms Fox’s petition is calling for Pumpkin’s breeder to be investigated by the RSPCA, along with tougher laws for the breeding of animals.

She is also calling for tougher sentences for animal cruelty and neglect.

Telling Pumpkin’s story on the petition website, Change.org, she wrote: “I adopted Pumpkin at 8 weeks old.

“She had been surrendered to a local rescue.

“Pumpkin had problems walking.

“After her Scans at a specialist veterinary clinic Pumpkin’s injuries were shocking and disturbing.

“She had received injuries due to extreme trauma as a newborn puppy.

“Her spine was broken, along with her legs.

“She was not born like this!

“Someone or something caused these injuries.

“Pumpkin is now fully paralysed from the waist down.

“She will never recover or walk again.”

Her petition also hit out at “puppy mills”, also known as puppy farms, which are commercial dog breeding facilities characterised by quick breeding and poor conditions for the animals.

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She wrote: “Puppy mills are the cause of half the animal welfare problems in the UK:

“The poor little bitches are made to produce litter after litter until they are worn out;

“The puppies are not looked after properly and even ill-treated, as happened to Pumpkin;

“They are often not properly inoculated and in poor health; Hereditary defects (e.g. epilepsy, eczema) are not weeded out but allowed to continue into the next generation;

“Not enough care is taken to ensure that the puppies go to good homes.”

She added: “If the Government claim that they do not have the resources to inspect breeders’ establishments, they should delegate the task

to local authorities or non-Governmental organizations.”

The petition, which was started two months ago, currently has 62,864 signatures.

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