Parents’ frantic dig as son nearly buried alive on UK beach

A brave boy relied on the quick actions of his parents to stop him from being buried alive when a hole he was digging caved beneath him. As the sand submerged his body, all that was visible was his head – as his mum and dad frantically scooped handfuls of sand away to keep the teenager’s mouth free as he screamed in terror.

As the 14-year-old’s parents did all they could to prevent him from suffocating, emergency workers scrambled to the scene in Anderby Creek, near Skegness, in Lincolnshire.

But according to the Daily Mail, it took rescue teams and fire crews more than an hour to dig him out. This was because officials feared the sand may collapse entirely, posing a real danger to the boy. 

Fran Wilkins, HM Coastguard senior coastal operations officer, said: “What happens as you disturb the sand, there’s a high likelihood of it collapsing back in and the priority was to make sure at all times that his airway was protected and his head remained above the sand.

“It needed lots of people in a coordinated effort to remove the sand in a way that we could get him out of the hole as quickly and as safely as possible.

“Luckily, he did remain calm throughout which definitely helped reduce the panic and allowed everyone to get to work and do their job.”

She praised his parents for keeping the sand out of his mouth and calling for help.

“There’s that instinct to keep trying to dig, but the more you disturb and weaken that sand that has collapsed in, you’re potentially going to create a much bigger hole.

“They kept his head clear and his mouth and nose free so he could breathe and waited for more to help which was really, really important for him.”

She warned beachgoers to consider the size and location of the hole and be mindful that “the larger it is the higher the chances it may collapse”.

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