Parking charges: Resident steps up as he gives up front garden to help NHS staff

Birmingham resident helps NHS staff with parking charges

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Local resident Akeel Ahmed decided to offer NHS staff alternative parking spaces after the reintroduction of steep parking fees on hospital grounds. NHS staff parking charges were completely scrapped during the pandemic but were reintroduced last week with an added increase. Mr Ahmed explained that he hopes to help NHS staff and also earn a profit from his new business, where it costs half of what the NHS are charging their staff.

GB News journalist Balvinder Sindhu said: “Car parking charges at hospitals were scrapped during the pandemic, but last Friday they were reinstated.

“If you work at this hospital in Birmingham from May you’re going to have to start £10.20 a day to park your car, to go to work.

“One agency nurse told me that she’s now considering using the car park across the road because it’s half the price.

“In response, the hospital trust has said, that they are looking at other ways to help staff get to and from work and if you’re on a night shift it is free to park.

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Ms Sindhu added: “There are 20 spaces and you’ve even got a price to drop off your kids at school.

“The system is simple, you park your car then you pop a fiver in the letterbox.”

Mr Ahmed said: “Before I made this, this area didn’t look nice, this particular area where I’m standing, it was full of greenery.

“It wasn’t presentable, but now it’s neatened up the area, so it’s not just a case of me making money, it’s making the community look a bit better as well.

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Mr Ahmed added: “You’re going to have the peace of mind that not only is your car protected under my supervision, you know I’m monitoring this 24/7.

“Like when you came in I was like, I know you’re in the white car even though I wasn’t even here, so they’ve got that peace of mind.”

Ms Sindhu said: “Akeel said he’s has a positive response so far and he hopes to make a profit too.”

Mr Javid said: “Free parking for NHS staff introduced during the pandemic will also come to an end on 31 March.

“We are delivering on our manifesto commitment to provide free hospital car parking to thousands more NHS patients and visitors.

“Over 94 percent of NHS trusts implementing free car parking for those who need it most, including NHS staff working night shifts.”

Mr Javid added: “On behalf of the government, I would like to record my thanks to everyone who has worked tirelessly to keep people safe over the last two years and whose efforts have enabled us to move to the next stage of the Covid-19 response.”

Mr Javid’s decision has angered many NHS staff who worked tirelessly through the pandemic.

In response, Rachel Harrison, national officer for the GMB union, said: “Charging the NHS staff who’ve risked their lives during the pandemic to park at work is a sick joke.”

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