Part-time courses to be provided for those who want to train as solicitors

The Law Society is poised to provide part-time training courses to make it possible for full-time workers or those with childcare commitments to train as a solicitor.

Currently, it is not possible to qualify as a solicitor on a part-time basis, which often acts as a barrier for those with everyday obligations.  

However, this is set to change as the society sets about implementing a series of 30 recommendations by the Peart Commission, a group headed by Court of Appeal judge Michael Peart, setting out a vision for the future of solicitor training in Ireland.  

The report recommends part-time training courses be put in place for those wishing to become a solicitor in the future.  

The commission also said additional funding should to be made available for the Law Society’s Access programme.  This programme pays fees and maintenance for students from a background of socio-economic disadvantage. 

Law Society director general Ken Murphy said implementing the recommendations would have several benefits. 

“Training solicitors to meet any and all challenges they will face in their careers is some of the most important work the Law Society does,” he said.

“The Law Society’s education model is deeply rooted in the public interest and focussed on the future.”  

“Today’s client is more knowledgeable and tech-savvy than ever before. The Law Society’s vision is to train 21st century solicitors who will meet and exceed the exacting requirements of their clients and their firms,” he said.  

The commission has also recommended that its use of digital educational technology is further developed and that a new centre for teaching, development and innovation is created.

The current two-part “sandwich course”, known as PPC1 and PPC2, is also hoped to be changed into a more streamlined, single course if the recommendations are taken on board.

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