Passengers had hissy fit after spotting snake on a train

Passengers got the shock of their lives as a snake boarded a train between Leeds and Shipley.

The snake – believed to be a corn snake – was spotted slithering near the door, leaving travellers shocked.

Photos and video of the non-venomous commuter were shared on social media before it was removed in Leeds.

The serpent, now named Noodles, was collected by the RPSCA and is being cared for by a specialist.

Corn snakes are native to North America and are one of the most commonly kept exotic pets in the UK.

It is currently unclear how the snake ended up loose onboard the service on Saturday, with some passengers said to have switched carriages after the discovery.

The rail firm said a conductor was alerted to the snake at about 3.30pm.

Commuter Sophie Johnstone tweeted: ‘Chaotic scenes on the Shipley to Leeds train. Snake moves. Carriage moves. OH LORD there is an actual SNAKE on this train.’

Hundreds of people commented on the photos in disbelief.

@MattStevns tweeted: ‘I would lock myself in the toilet…’

But many saw the funny side of the situation that brought to mind a Yorkshire remake of the blockbuster film Snakes On A Plane, starring Samuel L Jackson.

@HarrogateTeaRms wrote: ‘I’d have had a hisssssy fit…’

@robcollins2016 commented: ‘Has it got a ticket?’

While @L3stahJosh pondered: ‘Wonder where he’s going?’

Northern Rail said in a statement: ‘The conductor’s priority was the safety of our customers and for the wellbeing of the snake.

‘They ensured the area of the train was cleared, and were met at Leeds station by a team who safely took the snake off the train.’

The snake is being cared for at Reptilia in Ossett, Wakefield.

Megan Sykes, a manager at the reptile specialist told the BBC: ‘It’s in really good health, so it was obviously looked after well before either it was lost or dumped somewhere.

‘It’s a lovely snake, it’s not showing any signs of aggression at all – it’d be more scared of the people on the train.’

She continued: ‘Someone said it originally came out of a bin on the train, so that makes me think it may have been dumped.’

If its owners do not make contact in the next fortnight, a new home will be found for Noodles.

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