‘Pay to support them!’ Furious caller erupts at SAGE for ‘perpetual lockdowns’

Lockdown: LBC caller slams SAGE advice

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A healthcare worker has launched a blistering attack on SAGE and the media, saying that they should carry the can if businesses end up going bust a result of their constant “propaganda” about the pandemic that is deterring people from going out. Caller Andrew from Halifax stressed that their continuous publications of misleadingly “catastrophised” information is to blame for people being indoctrinated and their subsequent reluctance to visit hospitality venues in a bid to stay safe against COVID-19. SAGE, the Government’s SPI-M-O group of scientists warned that not slapping more “stringent” curbs “very soon” could see the number of infections climb to a staggering 2 million by the end of the year while the number of casualties could hit a shocking 6,000 a day.

Desperate times call for desperate measures and, with Omicron running riot, scientists stress that things don’t bode well in the long-term, urging the government to revisit its plans and reintroduce the “rule of six”.

The harsh restrictions are akin to those that were in place “after step 2 or step 1 of the roadmap in England”. 

They include the immediate closure of non-essential shops, a ban on different households coming into close contact and, if scientists could have it their way, Britons should also be denied the chance to holiday abroad.

But their evaluations are based on simple beliefs and not data, meaning there’s a high chance the gloomy predictions may not even occur.  

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Speaking to Nick Ferrari on LBC, Andrew pointed the finger at “those members in the media” who are not thinking about the consequences of their actions.

Their wages at the end of the month, he agreed with Mr Ferrari, are “guaranteed” anyway, irrespective of how the pandemic really pans out.

He said: “I work in the healthcare sector so if the economy does nosedive my job will be safe which is something I share thankfully with you members of SAGE.

“And those lockdown devotees in the media, the difference is between myself and them is that I am not catastrophising the population into absolute fear and ruining the Christmas.

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“My suggestion, my solution is that if businesses are going under then members of SAGE and those members in the media who want to a perpetual lockdown should actually pay out for those businesses.

“Because their suffering is a result of their propaganda.”

An accurate assessment that prompted Mr Ferrari to point out that their salaries are “guaranteed” no matter what.

Andrew concluded:“Unfortuantely that’s the case, therefore they don’t really think about the consequences for all of those people whose salaries aren’t guaranteed.”


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Prime Minister Boris Johnson has so far ignored scientists’ pleas to reinstate the old restrictions in an effort to prevent the NHS becoming overwhelmed with sick patients again.

In Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales a number of new rules will be enforced on Boxing Day and Mr Johnson is pondering the idea of similar curbs for England.

Eagle-eyed detractors from England’s neighbouring countries already pointed out that the restrictions there are softer than in their country.

But before taking any decision it’s understood that Mr Johnson will first wait to see if there is a surge of COVID-19 infections and hospitalisations.

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