Pensioner’s home temperature drops to 5C as he’s left without heating

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An elderly man has shared his desperation after being left without heating in his home for several days, claiming the indoor temperature plummeted to 5°C.

Keith Johnson, 77, has lived at his home since 1966, but claims the service from his housing provider, Ongo, has declined over the years. He says he is “fed up” with having to constantly top his boiler up with water due to a leak.

On Thursday, January 19, Keith realised his heating was not coming on, reports Grimsby Live. He said that when he contacted Ongo, he was told that the matter was not an emergency.

Keith, who suffers from arthritis, said that the temperature within his home in Redbourne, Lincolnshire, plummeted to as low as 5°C, leaving him with no choice but to wrap up with multiple layers and go up to bed early, just to keep warm.

The pensioner said: “I told [Ongo] it was a damage to my health and they finally sent someone out on the night of Saturday, January 21. They said nothing, they just got my boiler going and that was it.”

However, the following morning, Keith’s heating, once again, would not work. A repair man returned on Sunday evening, but by Monday morning, he claims the situation was the same again. 

Keith continued: “They came out on Monday night, and I think it was sometime on Tuesday I had to ring them again, but the thing is, the boiler hasn’t been serviced for over a year. They’re just not bothering to do it.

“They say it’s been done, I know it hasn’t, but they’re just ignoring me. They’ve got a piece of paper with a signature on, that’s good enough for them, and they say I’m lying.”

He said he now has to go upstairs around four times a day to top up his boiler with water – and said he said he has “given up” trying to contact Ongo.

“There’s just no point in bothering. They’re not interested,” he said.

“The boiler is losing pressure all the time so I’m having to top it up four times a day. Every time I want my heating on or hot water, I have to go upstairs and top the boiler up for it to come on. If I didn’t do it, I wouldn’t have any heating. I’m getting fed up with it, it’s not easy having to go upstairs all the time just to do that so I can get some hot water.”

Russ Edwards, operations manager at Ongo said: “We first received a call on 10 January from Mr Johnson, reporting issues with his boiler. We attended the same day to fix this. However, we attended again on 21 January, after further reports of the boiler again not working. Here we identified that a self-sealant needed to be added, which would need to be booked in at a later date.

“In the meantime, Mr Johnson was able to reset the pressure on the boiler to ensure he would not go without heating and hot water in his property.

“Following further calls we again attended the day after, on 22 January, where a leak on a valve was found, and the next day (23 January) to replace this.

“On 24 January, Mr Johnson then contacted us to report reoccurring issues, which will be fixed by the self-sealant identified three days prior. A job has been booked in for this and we are attending on Friday 3 February to complete this work

“We are very much sympathetic to Mr Johnson’s case and would like to sincerely apologise for the inconvenience this has caused.”

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