Pensioner’s lifelong wish comes true after tattoo artists inks her

A pensioner’s lifelong wish was fulfilled after a tattoo artist inked her at the care home for free. Helen Allen, 77, who lives at Care UK’s Foxland Grange home in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, always admired the tattoo of her late partner, Keith Mitchell, who was a biker.

She had always wanted to get inked but for some reason or another she never took the plunge but thanks to an initiative set up by the team at Foxland Grange she was able to fulfill her lifelong goal, reported the Daily Star.

The idea came about after a “Wishing Tree” was installed at the care home to enable residents to voice what sorts of things they’d like to try.

For Helen, she had always wanted a tattoo of a small butterfly, so the team got in touch with Garth Cole-Jones, co-owner at Some’ink Different, who tattooed her arm for free.

She further said that getting a tattoo didn’t hurt her and that it was a much faster process than she expected.

She explained: “I don’t know why I didn’t get it done sooner – or why people say it’s painful.

“Although it’s hard to describe the feeling, I wouldn’t call it painful.

“Garth, the tattooist, made me feel so at ease, and I couldn’t believe how quick it took.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.”

Chelsea May, director of community relations at Foxland Grange, said when the idea was first discussed it came as a “real surprise”.

Even so the team “couldn’t wait to start organising” for her, and the resident was able to have what she’d always wanted.

She said: “Here at Foxland Grange, we like to help residents complete lifelong wishes. We encourage residents to dream big and share their hopes and ambitions.

“We hope Helen inspires others to make their dreams a reality, no matter their age.”

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The Wishing Tree was placed at the home to encourage the residents to live fulfilling lives and wishes can be big or small – from flying a plane to enjoying a fish and chip supper.

Ms May said: “I would like to thank tattooist Garth and the team for helping to organise the wish – this is one butterfly that Helen can keep forever.”

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