Pensioners on living in student neighbourhood with ‘loud music and parties’

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There are a number of houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) on Fletcher Road in Beeston,Nottingham, and residents on the road itself say living among student houses is enjoyable, even if there is the odd party or incident. HMOs typically divide opinion, as some locals feel they take away from families moving into an area, “destroy communities” and create parking problems.

Speaking to NottinghamshireLive, Pat Parks, 70, said: “There was a bit of loud music played down here where we live and the odd party, but it didn’t happen for long and they have spoken to neighbours affected and apologised for what happened. In the houses where students live, they’ve always been helpful and have looked out for their neighbours.

“If they go over the top, we tell them, and they respect that. The influx of students to Nottinghamshire is bigger than ever, but if they’re all like the ones around here, then it’s OK, I’m fine with that.”

Husband Pete Parks, also 70, said: “We’ve got no problem with students living around here. There hasn’t been any anti-social behaviour or anything like that. We’ve been here for 35 years when every home was a family home. But the fact we’ve stayed here that long tells you everything you need to know.”

Michael Fish, 79, said: “I’ve not heard of any problems around here. There are quite a lot of students around, but they do not cause me any trouble.

“There is the odd house you pass that has music on, but not immediately around here.”

Janet Bond, 63, said: “I’ve not had any problems, I must say. It’s a really nice area around here, a lot of the houses are HMOs. Neighbours have said about balls going into their garden, but that’s about it.”

One local resident to the area got in touch with Nottinghamshire Live to say they had experienced students living in a HMO at the back of their property kicking footballs against their fence, shouting foul language, playing loud music and having parties.

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