People urged to ring a bell on Christmas Eve to combat loneliness

It is over six months since the final ‘clap for carers’ and for many, the long months of the pandemic grinding on have even more difficult since then.

While the nation came together to clap in the beginning, the second wave of disease has seen less of the communal spirit that marked the beginning when we were all in a national lockdown together.

To try and change this, there’s a plan for a new way for people to get together and combat loneliness and ‘help Santa on his way’.

People are going to come out onto the street and ring bells for two minutes starting at 6pm on Christmas Eve.

If (like us) you don’t have a bell, you could join in with a doorbell or try tinkling a spoon on a wine glass like you were about to make a speech.

Some will no doubt bang on pots and pans like they did during Clap for Carers, and if it helps the reindeer make their way from Lapland then so be it.

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