Permanently fuming puppy sparks hilarity with rare disorder that makes him look grumpy

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The adorable rescue puppy has sparked frenzy online with his condition that leaves him looking permanently angry. The pooch, named Chupete, is currently looking for a home after being rescued by the Narices Frias shelter in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

He suffers from a condition called hydrocephalus which causes excess fluid inside his skull, leading to brain swelling.

And the pup is in desperate need of a CT scan, with the shelter scrambling to to arrange one.

Chupete is cross-eyed and has distinct eyebrows that make him look permanently angry, reports The Mirror.

But that should not stop him finding a home, as hundreds of people have fallen for his little scowl.

Animal activist Claudia Patricia, from Bolivia, shared Chupete’s story on Facebook on Tuesday and gained more attention than she was bargaining for.

Her post read: “Meet our beloved Chupete, a true testimony of God’s love that gives him a second chance.

“Please if you can adopt a dog, take Chupete, he is a little miracle of God,” Claudia added.

“Whoever wants to adopt him, it would be a gift.”

She described the puppy as a “miracle” and pleaded for a loving family to come forwards to adopt him.

She explained that the dog should have died but has managed to survive against all odds.

Animals lovers are now desperate to find the pup a home, with the pooch even being turned into a meme online.

One person wrote: “He is beautiful, and those eyebrows characterise him as such a beautiful puppy.

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“What a beautiful baby,” someone agreed, whilst another commented: “I want a Chupete!”

A fourth added: “I hope he finds a very loving home that gives him all the care he needs.”

The breed of the puppy is unknown, but his facial features are sure to capture attention.

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