Peston: Dawn Butler MP says Keir should have told ‘chief lawbreaker’ Boris to resign

Matt Hancock squirms as Peston grills over snogging scandal

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The Tories and Mr Johnson have come under fire after it was discovered a number of gatherings took place last December while London and many parts of the country were under severe Covid restrictions. Speaking on ITV’s Peston on Wednesday night, Dawn Butler MP, told the programme’s namesake journalist that the Prime Minister was “taking the mickey out of people”.

She said: “I think at the end of the day, people are exhausted. They’ve had enough.

“Ten days ago, we knew this was a story. You’re telling me the Prime Minister of our country didn’t say: ‘What happened? Put everything on my table. Give me everything within 24 hours’.

“You’re telling me it’s taken ten days until the leak of a video, then he says he’s going to have an investigation?

“Nobody’s going to believe that. He’s taking the mickey out of people and I think everybody has absolutely had enough.

“They’ve been laughing at us for a really long time and people have had enough.”

Mr Peston continued to press the MP for Brent Central on whether Labour leader, Sir Keir Starmer, should have called for the Prime Minister’s resignation.

She said: “Yes, I think he should have done. Ten days ago if the Prime Minister had apologised that would have been ok.

“He could have said: ‘It was wrong. There shouldn’t have been a party. There needs to be a proper investigation. We’ll pay the £10,000 fine and we’ll accept the punishment.’ 

“He is the chief lawmaker and he’s also the chief lawbreaker. The buck stops with him.”

On Wednesday, Sir Keir called on Mr Johnson to “come clean and apologise” over the alleged party.

The Times has since revealed at least six events took place in Downing Street, the Cabinet Office and Conservative campaign headquarters last year.

The broadsheet reported a “raucous” party featuring booze and music was held on December 14 despite indoor social mixing being prohibited.

In the latest Government admission, a Tory spokesperson confirmed an “unauthorised” party, organised by Shaun Bailey’s mayoral campaign and attended by No10 aides, took place on December 14 while the capital was under Tier 2 restrictions.

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A Tory spokesman said: “Senior CCHQ (Conservative Campaign Headquarters) staff became aware of an unauthorised social gathering in the basement of Matthew Parker Street organised by the Bailey campaign on the evening of December 14.

“Formal disciplinary action was taken against the four CCHQ staff who were seconded to the Bailey campaign”.

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