Pictures show ultra rare white deer running through UK field in ‘magical’ moment

Bristol Zoo Gardens show adorable tiny mouse deer standing

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Christine Crook travelled to the Oxfordshire/Berkshire border to catch a glimpse after her brother spotted the animal. She did not leave the scene disappointed, having taken numerous photos of the “absolutely beautiful” creature.

Mrs Crook, quoted in the Mirror, said the deer was “such a lovely sight to see”.

She added: “It was magical.

“I have always heard about them and how rare they are but to see one was wonderful.

“It was a moment I will tick off my bucket list.

“I have never seen a white deer before, it was rather special.”

Mrs Crook is a member of the Oxford Mail Camera Club.

She has opted not to disclose the exact location of the spotting in order to prevent anyone from harming the deer.

The moment was made all the more special by the fact the white deer was not alone.

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Instead, it was accompanied by what has reported to have been its brown mother.

The duo where photographed leaping through a hedge and running across a road.

The British Deer Society (BDS) reports that white deer are usually fallow – a species living in areas around much of the UK.

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White fallow are not seen as often as the other three main colour types: common, menil and black.

While ‘true albino’ deer have also been recorded, the BDS reports that they are “exceedingly rare”.

Facebook users congratulated Mrs Crook for capturing the moment on camera.

Helen Clarke, quoted in the Oxford Mail, said the photographs were “beautiful”.

She added that it was “such a lovely sight to see”.

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