Piers Morgan confronts Matt Hancock for ‘sneaking’ back onto ITV when he left the country

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Health Secretary Matt Hancock made an appearance on ITV’s Lorraine with host Lorraine Kelly this morning. The appearance on the spin-off show from Good Morning Britain (GMB) comes amid a boycott from Cabinet Ministers from conducting interviews on the ITV Breakfast show. For over two months members of Boris Johnson’s top team have turned down invitations to appear on GMB.

Piers Morgan, known for his robust and aggressive interview technique, has repeatedly condemned ministers for not showing up.

Mr Hancock made the appearance on ITV as Piers Morgan is away on a two month summer break from presenting.

Mr Morgan wrote on Twitter: “Awww, look who sneaked back onto ITV the moment I left the country… it’s our fearless Health Secretary Matt Hancock.”

At the height of the pandemic several members of the Government appeared on GMB including Mr Hancock and Care Minister Helen Whately.

Mr Morgan was involved in a series of heated exchanges with the pair after growing frustrated at the lack of clear cut answers.

In a follow up message on Twitter, Mr Morgan denied it was his unique interview style which has caused the no shows, but what the Ministers were actually saying.

He added: “Government ministers including Hancock all got plenty of chances to speak when they appeared on @GMB – it was what came out of their mouths that was the problem.”

The Health Secretary appeared on the breakfast show on April 16 and was involved in a fierce row with Mr Morgan over how prepared the UK was for the coronavirus pandemic.

Mr Morgan accused Mr Hancock of dodging questions over the availability of ventilators, meanwhile, the Health Secretary hit out at the GMB co-host for refusing to let him respond.

Mr Morgan said: “Do you know what? Stop playing that game with me Mr Hancock.

“With the greatest respect to you, you’re just buying yourself a bit of time and the reality is when you got up and said you were properly prepared, that actually, I would admire you more if you just admitted you weren’t prepared – rather like Emmanuel Macron has admitted they weren’t prepared.

“But your resolute refusal to concede that you made any mistakes here, that grates with me and I also think that misjudges the public mood to quote your phrase.”

An agitated Mr Hancock then said: “Yes, I am now going to answer the previous question and then that question and then you are not going to interrupt me.

“Let me speak because that is the purpose.”

The GMB co-host then hit back and said: “You don’t actually run this show, I will actually let you answer the questions, go on.”

During his appearance on ITV’s Lorraine this morning, Mr Hancock spoke about how the Government came to the decision to make face coverings mandatory in shops in England from July 24.


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He said: “The scientists have been painstakingly working to understand it more so, of course, we’ve updated the rules and the guidance as we’ve learnt more about the virus.

“People have been absolutely brilliant at following those rules and I expect to see the same in shops in the same way as we’ve seen on public transport.

“Of course, that enforcement is available in the same way shopkeepers can call the police for other matters.

“I just expect the public to be very sensible about this because we’re all on the same side in the battle against the virus.”

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