Piers Morgan slams ‘bitter renegades’ Harry and Meghan

Paul Burrell discusses Prince Harry at King Charles’ coronation

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been branded “rabble-rousing renegades in Montecito” by Piers Morgan, who said the Coronation of King Charles III was an “unmitigated disaster” for the Sussexes.

Harry arrived at Westminster Abbey on Saturday morning and seated three rows back from the proceedings, but when the ceremony finished just hours later, it is believed he headed straight to Heathrow Airport to board a plane back to California.

Meghan remained at home with the couple’s two young children. Archie turned four years old on Saturday, and it is thought the Duke of Sussex wanted to rush back to celebrate his son’s special day with him.

This also meant he did not join the other members of the Royal Family on the Buckingham Palace balcony, which saw them wave to tens of thousands of adoring fans below.

But Piers Morgan pointed towards Prince William’s “hugely significant role” in the Coronation ceremony, as Harry watched on from three rows back.

He wrote in an article for The Sun: “I’ve no idea why Harry was even at the Coronation.

“And he got exactly what he deserved: stuck behind the large red feather plume on Anne’s hat, just as Meghan was hidden behind a candle at the Queen’s funeral.

“These things don’t happen by accident. It’s the palace’s way of telling the world you’ve behaved so badly, you’ve abrogated the right to bathe in the reflected glory of a big royal occasion.

“Harry couldn’t wait to get away after the service, almost running into a waiting car outside the abbey — paid for, like his security in the UK, by the British taxpayer — to speed him straight to Heathrow so he could fly back to California.”

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The outspoken critic added: “The sad truth for him is that for all his attention-seeking antics before, during and after the Coronation, nobody really cared whether he was there.

“The world’s eyes were on his father the King; his stepmother, the Queen Consort; his brother, the next king; his sister-in-law, the next Queen; and their delightful young children.

“It was their images plastered over the globe’s newspaper front pages and their faces beamed out from all the TV coverage. It’s they who represent the future.

“And when Charles and Camilla came out on the Buckingham Palace balcony to greet the roaring crowds on Saturday, Harry was nowhere to be seen, and nobody gave a monkey’s cuss that he was already boarding his flight.”

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Mr Morgan again poured praise onto Prince William, saying he “aced the entire weekend” that culminated in his “short but magnificent” speech at the Coronation concert at Windsor Castle on Sunday evening.

This saw the Prince of Wales pay a heartfelt tribute to the newly-crowned King, invoking the memory of his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II of whom he said: “I know she’s up there, fondly keeping an eye on us. And she would be a very proud mother.”

William ended his rousing speech by declaring: “I commit myself to serve you all. King, country, and commonwealth. God save the King!”

Mr Morgan concluded: “It was a wonderfully joyous moment of union between the two biggest stars of the royal firmament and their people.

“And it sent a firm message to the watching world: The monarchy’s in safe hands with two people who, unlike Harry and Meghan, understand selfless royal duty and service, and that the institution’s ability to survive and thrive depends on them bringing the public with them.

“This weekend was an absolute triumph for the real royals, and an unmitigated disaster for the bitter, rabble-rousing renegades in Montecito.”

Harry made the trip to the UK for the Coronation, with his relationship with the Royal Family thought to be at rock bottom.

This comes after he took aim at several of them in his tell-all memoir Spare, making claims against the likes of Prince William, Princess Kate and Queen Camilla.

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