Piers Morgan’s Harry and Meghan ‘obnoxious, self-serving’ rant

Harry & Meghan: First look at final three Netflix episodes

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Piers Morgan has immediately launched into a vicious rant against Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on his TalkTV show, branding the couple’s behaviour “obnoxious, self-serving and hypocritical”. The furious critic of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex was reacting after the first three episoides of their hotly-anticipated Netflix documentary premiered in the UK this morning.

Speaking on Piers Morgan – Uncensored, he raged: “Harry and Meghan’s romance, engagement and marriage were all greeted with ecstatic joy by the British media, the public and the Royal Family that they have now all abandoned.

“That’s the truth. Not Harry and Meghan’s truth, but the actual truth. The first three hours of this Netflix series paint a very different and far uglier picture of this country and our Royal Family.”

The show then cuts to a clip from the Netflix series, with Harry saying: “Eight days after the relationship became public, I put out a statement calling out the racist undertones of articles and headlines that were written by the British press.

Meghan then says: “I wasn’t thinking about how race played a part in any of this. I genuinely didn’t think about it.

The Duke of Sussex adds: “There is a huge level of unconscious bias. The thing with unconscious bias is it is nobody’s fault. But once it has been pointed out or identified within yourself, you then need to make it right.

The TalkTV show then returns to Mr Morgan, who responds: “We’re all racists apparently, and this sounds like a different country, but let’s make something clear.

“Britain is one of the most tolerant and multi-cultural countries in the world. We celebrated the glamourous modern-flair of the new young royals.

“The press and public only turned on Harry and Meghan when their behaviour became obnoxious, self-serving and hypocritical.

Sadly, millions of people around the world will watch this series and they will believe the smears about Britain and our monarchy, that we are a bunch of bigoted, hateful people.

“They even blamed Brexit for the racism that was aimed at Meghan Markle, which is just completely absurd.”

Earlier this morning, Mr Morgan launched into a furious tirade over a number of Twitters as he watched the opening episodes of Harry and Meghan’s documentary.

He wrote in one tweet to his 8.2million followers: Disgusting how they’re repeatedly trying to brand Britain a racist country.

“Most tolerant place in Europe, as all the coverage of their engagement/wedding showed.”

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