Police officer injured amid ‘war-like’ scenes in Scotland

Dundee: Youths block roads with bonfires and fireworks

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Local “anger” has been sparked after a police officer was injured amid “war-like” scenes in Scotland. Youths in Kirkton, in the north of Dundee, lit up the streets on Monday night, lobbing fireworks at cars and setting bins on fire.

Footage shared online shows chaos ensuing as children block roads and throw bricks at a school and emergency services.

Most of those involved were aged from 12 to late teens, according to the police.

Scottish Justice Secretary Keith Brown also revealed one officer was injured by shards of glass after one rioter threw a brick through the window of a police van.

The leader of Dundee City Council described the scenes as “disgusting”, adding that he was “shocked” and “angry”.

Councillor John Alexander wrote in a post on Facebook: “This isn’t just a wee bonfire. Blocking roads with bins ablaze, smashing up cars and damaging our schools are scenes that you’d expect in an action movie or war-torn nation…

“As someone from the Kirkton, this reflects really, really poorly on our whole community. This needs [to be] dealt with, it’s taking Kirkton back four decades.”

He added that parents need to ask “where were your kids tonight” to help find those responsible for the damage.

Local supermarkets, including Asda and Tesco, temporarily suspended the sale of fireworks to help prevent further such behaviour.

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Extra police officers were also last night deployed on the streets of Dundee, in anticipation of a riotous repeat.

Chief Superintendent Phil Davison said: “I can assure our local residents that there will be an enhanced police presence in the coming days.

“I fully appreciate and understand the distress caused to local residents.

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“Nobody should be in their house and seeing the sort of behaviour that we did last night.”

The Halloween disruption began at around 5.30pm on Beauly Square in the Kirkton area.

Ch Supt Davison said the initial outbreak of trouble appeared to be “spontaneous”.

But he added that, as time went on, groups became more organised, and the action became more widespread.

At least one local pub called its firework display following the riots.

More officers are also likely to be deployed this weekend.

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