Police probe as boy and grandma rushed to hospital after dog attack

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A grandmother and her 12-year-old grandson were savaged by a dog at UK holiday park during their half-term break. Cheryl May says she was “traumatised” after she and her grandson, Zac, were attacked by the dog, which is thought to be a British bull terrier, after they had finished playing a game of bingo.

Ms May said:”We thought we’d go out and play the bingo. It was a lovely evening and then after that we left.

“We went outside the door and we were on the path going down. My grandson had picked me a stick that day because I’ve got arthritis in my knee and I’m waiting for an operation which has been cancelled.

“All of a sudden we looked up and this dog came towards us and he went straight for Zac.”

She told Cornwall Live that her daughter Natalie rushed to help and was able to fight off the animal, despite only being 4ft 10ins tall.

Having told Natalie to run and take Zac with her, Ms May says the dog then started to attack her.

She said: “I ran down to Natalie and she was throwing this dog off and had her body over Zac and she’s only 4ft 10 so where she got that strength from I don’t know.

“I hit the dog with a stick and I pushed the dog and I went onto the dog and I managed to get him and I said ‘run Nat, run, run, run’ and she ran up to the clubhouse. I was on the floor and it was on my arm and wouldn’t let go.

Following the incident, Cheryl says she managed to get away but was followed into the park’s clubhouse by the owners of the dog, who she claims were filming her.

She said: “After that, the man and woman followed us into the clubhouse and my daughter noticed he was filming. I swore and shouted at him to get out. People there got him out and locked the door.”

Since the incident, which happened at around 9.10pm last Wednesday, Ms May says she has been trying to cope with the physical and mental scars.

She added: “I’ve been in shock for three days and shaking and crying. It was awful, it was like a horror film. I can’t sleep.

“I’ve been at the hospital to have a bandage done and I’ve got to go to the fracture clinic. I’ve got a massive bruise on my chest. My arms are full of bites, I’ve got antibiotics to take.”

The police were called and the incident is now being investigated. Both her and her grandson went to hospital and are receiving ongoing medical treatment.

Ms May says she is especially concerned about her daughter and grandson’s mental wellbeing.

She added: “His trousers are ripped to pieces and he’s got some injuries on his side and all his arm is bandaged up.

“He had bites all under his arm, he had to go down in theatre for a deep clean. He’s into himself. I want to try and get some help for them.

“I don’t know if we’ll be able to go out, we’re all just locked in.”

A Devon and Cornwall Police spokesperson said: “Police were called at about 9.10 pm on Wednesday, February 15, to a holiday park in St Ives to reports of two people having been bitten by a dog.

“Officers attended. Two people had sustained bite injuries and attended hospital for treatment. Enquiries are ongoing.”

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