Police put Just Stop Oil activists on spot over road blockade tactic

Just Stop Oil activists block Cromwell Road

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A Met police officer left a Just Stop Oil protestor disconcerted as she pointed out their road blockades are causing more pollution and consumption of oil by cars. The officer was facing a demonstrator who refused to obey orders and protest on the side of the road in Cromwell Road in London. She eventually took matters into her own hands, showing their actions were forcing drivers to use more oil to fill up their tanks.

The policewoman approached the protester, who was shaking her head, and asked: “You’re not going to move? Okay. 

“Why won’t you move? Okay”, she said as the protestor remained silent, adding: “And you’re not happy to do any protesting on the side of the road?”

Despite the protester’s silence, she continued: “As I understand, obviously you’re going on about oil consumption.

“Obviously, these cars are staying here using oil, aren’t they?”

The environmental activist group staged another day of protests, blocking traffic across London, to demand the Government scrap new gas and oil licence fees. 

But their action was soon interrupted, as police arrested 25 activists at the South Kensington roadblock. 

In a statement posted shortly after the arrest, the climate group tweeted: “25 ordinary people chose to give up their liberty in a bid to prevent the biggest crisis humanity has ever faced.

“Many of them have been arrested multiple times throughout the past 7 months.”

More arrests took place at the junction of Cromwell Road and Exhibition Road where police arrested 17 Just Stop Oil protesters. 

The Met Police said in a statement: “Officers have arrested 17 Just Stop Oil protestors at the junction of Cromwell Road and Exhibition Road.

“The group blocked the carriageway with 10 people glued on. Officers responded quickly and the road is now open.”

“Four people were arrested nearby earlier for related offences.”

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Before their arrest, a Just Stop Oil protester said they were sitting down on the road “because the Government is not listening.”

The climate activists have been holding such protests for days on end and have warned they would do so every day of October to demand an end to new oil and gas licences.

New videos have emerged showing Met police dragging the activists off the road, with some of them being arrested.

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