Police race to ‘person screaming for help’ but discover animal trapped in fence

West Midlands Police and firefighters from the West Midlands Fire Service rushed to the scene after receiving reports of someone “screaming for help.” However, they discovered the surprising source of the sounds—a deer trapped between the bars of a metal fence.

Responding to the distressing cry, the 999 officers joined forces with the firefighters to come to the aid of the confused animal near the Woodgate Valley area in Birmingham.

As they arrived at the location, they found a deer stuck in a metal fence.

Special equipment, including the jaws of life, which are usually used to rescue people from entangled wreckage, were used to free the animal.

In this case, the jaws of life were used to pry open the fence and release the stranded deer.

Once the deer was rescued, it trotted off into the distance.

The Forces Response team took to Twitter to update the public.

Their tweet assured the public, stating: “Officers were called to reports of what someone thought was a person screaming for help. Don’t worry my deer, it was only me.”

Expressing their gratitude for the collaboration, the tweet continued, “[We were] helped out by West Midlands Fire Service [firefighters in] Woodgate using the jaws of life. [The deer] then trotted off into the distance.”

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