‘Polished’ Prince George to have round-the-clock team to avoid ‘any Royal blunders’

Jeremy Vine says it 'seems unusual' seeing Prince George in suit

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The third-in-line to the throne will want to show “a different side” through social media when he grows up, much like Her Majesty has done by joining Twitter more than a decade ago, according to an expert. PR and social media expert Andy Barr believes George will likely create his own official Instagram account and may even join other platforms – after the Palace’s team deemed them apt for royalty.

However, he won’t treat these channels as his personal accounts and they will be heavily polished by experts, he added.

Mr Barr, CEO and co-founder of social media and PR agency 10yetis, told Express.co.uk: “George will want to have a presence on these platforms and just as royal generations before him have been perceived to have adopted new platforms to show a different side, such as the Queen joining Twitter, he will be no different.

“That being said, George’s content on all platforms will be heavily managed and polished in order to avoid any potential royal blunders.”

Speaking about the platforms members of the Royal Family could adopt in the future, Mr Barr said he believes Twitter will be “given a hard swerve” due to “toxic sub-culture” that exists on the platform. 

But, he said: “I can guarantee that Instagram will be the most used mainstream social platform that the monarchy will continue to grow a tangible presence on.”

Mr Barr added: “Right now, I cannot see the monarchy as an institution having a formal presence on the likes of TikTok.

“Charles will not be doing the tortilla challenge with Camilla any time soon, that’s for sure!

“An argument could be made that some of the wider and more distant Royal Family [members] having a presence on TikTok could be a testing ground that the Firm is keeping a close eye on to see how it could be used in the future.” 

Creative entrepreneur and media voice Am Golhar also believes Prince George will use social media in a professional capacity when he grows up, surrounded by a team of experts.

The brand expert and founder of Abstract PR told Express.co.uk: “It’s important to stay relevant on social media for the monarchy to continue connecting with audiences, especially the younger generation.

“When it comes to Prince George, of course there will be another new form of a social media platform [when he grows up], as we are in a high pace evolving digital world.”

The young prince, Ms Golhar believes, may take his use of social media one step further than his parents, grandparents and great-grandmother and use it to connect more directly with his audience. 

She said: “Of course he will have advisors and a team to be sharing content and may even do some social media lives to connect further with his audience.

“Social media always has risks, but I would assume that when it comes to the monarchy, anything risk related will be protected.”

She added: “I feel his personal touch will be that he will be doing more lives and connecting with people and audiences rather than just do the generic tv interviews.”

Social media, Ms Golhar also said, “is here to stay” and the Royal Family has rightfully embraced it. 

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the Prince of Wales and the Queen, she added, appear to have bought in a social media strategist over the past years to create reels, relevant content and follow the trends while doing so “in a classy way, not too daring”.

Prince George is being slowly introduced to royal duties by his doting parents Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince William.

The boy has been making an increasing number of official appearances over the past year.

While the engagements he attended were on the most part enjoyable events, such as the EURO 2020 final match last year or the men’s singles final at Wimbledon in July, the nine-year-old showed he was present in an official capacity, as he donned a formal outfit much like the Duke and Duchess. 

George has also attended serious and poignant events, such as the memorial service for Prince Philip in March held at Westminster Abbey.

In June, he was present throughout the Platinum Jubilee weekend of celebrations.

Over the course of four days, the young royal proudly stood next to the Queen twice on the Buckingham Palace balcony, debuted on a carriage ride and carried out his first official visit to Cardiff alongside Princess Charlotte.  

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