POLL: Is King Charles is doing a good job as monarch?

King Charles III ascended the throne on September 8 last year following the death of Queen Elizabeth II and had high expectations to meet to live up to the standard set by his mother’s 70-year reign.

He spent 64 years preparing for the role but with the anniversary of his ascension, Charles is now heralding a new era, having declared the end of the “transitional year”.

After his summer break, the King held a summit with his eldest son Prince William to establish plans for the future, filling his diary for the year with engagements and royal tours.

Charles is due to travel on a state visit to France with Queen Camilla later this month as well as scheduling his first tour of the Commonwealth as monarch with a trip to Kenya planned in the autumn.

He is also expected to visit Canada next year as the Firm looks to expand its work around the world.


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Royal sources suggest that William was “frustrated” at not being able to make plans for his new role as Prince of Wales until his father decided on what his next steps were.

A source told The Mirror: “Those decisions have certainly taken longer than one would have expected.

“However, the King believes the next five years of his reign will shape his legacy and cement his place in history. The choices made over the previous 12 months have set the foundations.”

The King’s first year has not been without its challenges with Charles having to face a series of scandals including Prince Harry’s claims against the Firm in his Netflix docu-series and tell-all memoir Spare and Prince Andrew’s potential return to the royal fold.

So what do YOU think? Is Charles doing a good job? Vote in our poll and join the debate in the comment section below.

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