Popular UK seaside town slammed for nightmarish parking and gloomy weather

A popular seaside town has been criticised by holidaymakers for not having any deckchairs.

During the summer, thousands of people from across the UK flock to the coast to enjoy the sun and get away from the city.

The result is a boom time for the hundreds of seaside towns that line Britain’s coastline.

Whilst many families and groups report having relaxing and refreshing experiences on these holidays, not everyone is always satisfied.

One seaside favourite in Somerset has come under intense criticism from displeased tourists.

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Weston-Super-Mare has long been a popular destination for families from around the UK.

Located near Bristol and situated on the Bristol Channel coast, it is home to one the country’s largest beaches.

The beach caters for all types of holidaymakers, from those who want to tan to people there to enjoy the kitesurfing scene.

However, some holidaymakers have been left extremely displeased by their experiences in the famous town with some pouring criticism over the area for a lack of deckchairs.

One furious tourist wrote on Tripadvisor: “No deckchairs! Took my elderly mother so we could have a few hours relaxing on the beach.

“Not a deckchair in sight. All fastened securely away. Really? Seemed like you didn’t want anyone there.”

It wasn’t just the lack of deckchairs that proved nightmarish for the tourist. They also criticised the parking situation and local artwork.

They said: “The parking machines were a nightmare. And that hideous scrap metal structure in the guise of art. Who on earth allowed that? So disappointed with the town.”

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Another tourist was also furious with the beach, criticising it for being cold and wet. They explained: “Cold, wet and extortionately expensive. Second day of a camping holiday with the children for two weeks.

“Cold, wet and extortionately expensive, we’ve given up and booked an AL holiday to Turkey and £300 cheaper, we fly out tomorrow.”

Whilst some holidaymakers escaped to the continent, others were making the decision to drive to beaches a little closer to home.

One beachgoer said: “Awful place, weather not good, pier terrible, shopping disgusting, never want to go here again. Llandudno [Wales] coming back.”

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