Post-holiday blues? Have a ‘woliday’…The beach is the new office

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Beaches are the most popular option, with 42 percent saying they will work next to the sea and 54 percent saying the feel of sand between their toes will make them more productive.

More than two thirds (68%) expect to reply to work emails during their woliday, while one in five (22%) say they will dial into meetings from the beach, and a third (31%) will check in with their boss from the poolside.

The biggest motivating factor for nearly three quarters of people (73%) is being able to spend quality time with loved ones outside of office hours, while more than a quarter (27%) said they wanted to be closer to nature.

36 percent say picking a destination with reliable mobile connectivity, providing superfast 4G and 5G speeds on their handsets, is a priority when planning a break.

To make sure they can work remotely, seven in 10 say they will be bringing their work mobile phone on holiday, while 56 percent say they will bring their laptop and 9 percent will take files or paperwork to read.

EE has already upgraded its capacity in Brighton, Poole, Blackpool and a host of other UK resorts. Spokesman Alex Cornett said: “Millions of us are holidaying in the UK this year, and EE is here to help people make the most of it.

“This isn’t about bunking off and it isn’t about having to work through your holiday, this is about a unique opportunity to make the most of our time by the seaside with family and friends.”

It’s a breeze… Just get connected

Jennifer Hodgson is happy to let her staff work from the beach over the summer as a reward for their efforts in the past 18 months.

Jennifer, 32, of Chester, below, who runs a marketing business, said: “I’ve said to the five people in my team that if they want to work from their holiday destination this summer, go for it.

“I’ve no problem as long as they are connected, in touch and know what work is required to be completed. There will still be daily meetings to dial into, Zoom conferences and clients to liaise with, but as long as they have a decent phone, laptop and signal, it’s not an issue.”

Jennifer said holidays were always focused on squeezing a week in around work – she took midnight flights to be back in the office at 9am. But she says: “Now it really doesn’t have to be that way.”

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