‘Powerful words’ Royal fans whip into frenzy as Camilla speaks of new honour

Camilla says Queen Consort role is 'a great honour'

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During an interview with Emma Barnett for Woman’s Hour and BBC Breakfast, Camilla, 74, spoke about the Queen’s wish for her to be known as Queen Consort when Charles ascends the throne. The Duchess said the role will be a “great honour” and would help her ongoing work helping to combat violence against women.

The Duchess of Cornwall vowed she will continue to support victims and survivors of domestic violence once she becomes Queen Consort.

The interview took place at Clarence House, Camilla and Charles’s London property.

It saw Camilla being reunited with Diana Parkes, whose daughter Joanna Simpson was killed by her husband in 2010, and whose story Camilla credits with inspiring her work with domestic abuse victims.

Camilla said: “Of course, it’s a great honour [becoming Queen Consort], it couldn’t be anything else.

“But it does help it. I’m going to keep up with these causes.

“You know, if I start something like this, I’m not going to give up mid-channel, I’m just going to keep going to try and help the likes of people like Diana… I hope I should be doing it for a lifetime.”

Reacting to the interview, royal fans were quick to heap praise on the future Queen Consort particularly for her endless work campaigning on the topic.

One called Kristie praised Camilla for her “powerful words” and her “heartfelt commitment”.

She wrote: “Wonderful, I’m so, so proud of our Duchess. Such powerful words. She has made such a difference and her involvement and heartfelt commitment to this subject is amazing. Well done, YRH”.

A user called Jan echoed this sentiment, writing: “Your Royal Highness, It is reassuring to know you are by your husband’s side & addressing important matters like the above”.

Another added: “The Duchess of Cornwall is a wonderful advocate, her work is admirable”

While someone called Eostre said: “The work the Duchess of Cornwall is doing in this area is so necessary and wonderful. Thank you.”

Kelly also said “thank you to the Duchess for the work you do”, before adding that she was “I glad she’ll be named Queen alongside her husband when he becomes King.”

Bernie wrote: “Essential work and a platform with her magnitude is crucial to raise the profile and importance of starting to deal with Male violence against women and girls.”

One more simple wrote: “Hats off to HRH the Duchess of Cornwall!”

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During the BBC Woman’s Hour interview, Camilla also called for a “culture change” to tackle violence against women with more needing to be done to teach respect at an early age.

She said: “I think we have to start at the beginning, I think children at school have got to be taught respect.

“We have got to go back to the beginnings and….just build up this idea that you have to have respect for human beings, It’s treating women like chattels and people thinking they can get away with it.

“I’m sure a lot of people do it and think that there’s nothing wrong.’

Camilla also spoke about the impact that COVID-19 lockdown has had on domestic abuse.

Camilla said: “I don’t think it’s got any better. I think the lockdown was terrible because people actually couldn’t escape.

“And you see the numbers have gone up. But on the other hand, I think it’s drawn a lot of people’s attention to it. I think it’s talked about much more now.”

The monarch expressed her “sincere wish” that Camilla is known as Queen Consort when the time comes within a personal statement which was released to officially mark the start of her Platinum Jubilee year on 6 February.

The monarch said: “I remain eternally grateful for, and humbled by, the loyalty and affection that you continue to give me.

“And when, in the fullness of time, my son Charles becomes King, I know you will give him and his wife Camilla the same support that you have given me; and it is my sincere wish that, when that time comes, Camilla will be known as Queen Consort as she continues her own loyal service.”

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