PR expert tells Meghan and Harry to take a much needed hiatus

Jennie Bond discusses Prince Harry and Prince William

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A PR expert has told Prince Harry and Meghan to take a “much needed hiatus” to “save their already tarnished reputations”. Other experts in public relations have similarly raised alarm bells over their strategy as their “endless hamster wheel of coverage” is causing “fatigue”.

After several interviews with Meghan Markle in US magazines, followed by a widely-watched Netflix documentary, as well as upcoming interviews with Prince Harry ahead of the hotly-anticipated release of the Duke’s book, the Sussexes have dominated headlines in recent months – and made several swipes at the royal family along the way.

This has been particularly true of Harry’s upcoming biography, “Spare”, in which, according to a leaked extract seen by the Guardian, the Prince alleges Prince William physically assaulted him during an altercation over his relationship with Meghan.

However, Kieran Elsby, director UK-based Media Global PR, told the couple need a “reality check”, saying: “Their constant complaining is falling on deaf ears, we all have ‘real’ problems to deal with. I’d advise they should take a much needed hiatus to reevaluate their tactics, move away from negative allegations, slurs and attacks on their own family as they have become a one trick pony.

“Every family has issues, problems and it is best kept behind closed doors. They are single-handedly alienating the public and they should already be engaging in crisis PR to save their already tarnished reputations. Long before the cost-of-living crisis, the public had little sympathy for a millionaire complaining about how hard their life is.”

He added: “any awareness of any charities now is being smothered by their negative agenda.

“The public will come back on side once the smiling, cheeky, laughing Harry returns. My advice is ‘Go away and find yourself again.’”

In a trailer for an upcoming interview with CBS, interviewer Anderson Cooper asked the Prince why he was “so public” about he and Meghan’s move to California.

Harry responded: “And every single time I’ve tried to do it privately, there have been briefings and leakings and planting of stories against me and my wife. You know, the family motto is ‘never complain, never explain.’ But it’s just a motto. And it doesn’t really hold.”

However, US-based Priscila Martinez, CEO and founder of The Brand Agency, who has previously worked with many big-name Hollywood celebs, told that while their continued press coverage may be “strategic”, it could also backfire for the couple by causing “fatigue”.

She said: “When you reach a global platform, it’s always been a best practice to make yourself less available. Less is more. The less you agree to appearances, interviews, events, the more precious those opportunities become.

“The Sussexes are going against the tried-and-true less-is-more strategies other A++ talent have adopted for ages, they are showing up in too many places, giving too much, too soon. Given their level of popularity, this approach produces a never-ending hamster wheel of coverage.

“No matter what side you take, love or hate the Sussexes: the combination of significantly increased exposure and the level of interest society has in them creates the perfect formula for fatigue.”

She added: “Although it may be argued that a PR strategy is necessary to combat negative stories about the couple in the press, it isn’t a best practice to lengthen a PR news cycle by continuing to feed headlines.”

Ms Martinez also said the Sussexes “know enough about media” to understand that “every photograph elongates a PR news cycle.”

She said therefore their approach may be “more strategic than what we as an audience perceive at face value.”

Speaking on the Daily Express’ royal roundup podcast, GB News’ royal correspondent Cameron Walker said the public feel they have “heard it all before” when it comes to the impending release of Prince Harry’s book.

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Recent polling by the Daily Express shows 89.6 percent of respondents would not read the book while 10.4 percent would, to which Mr Walker responded: “The British public in particular, but also to some extent the United States, are growing weary of this narrative that ‘I’m the victim and my life is terrible’, living in a $10million mansion in Montecito, California.”

5WPR, was more positive about Harry and Meghan’s continued press coverage, telling they had been “strategic in their moves and remarkably aware of their public image.”

He added that the Netflix show and upcoming book “shine an incredibly flattering light on the Sussexes” and remind the public the pair are “living the life they’ve set out to create on their terms, humanising them as a family doing their best.” Mr Torossian also suggested the couple were more successful in the US, saying they have “always seemingly hit the right notes here in the States”.

Harry’s upcoming book has been described by publisher Penguin Random House as an “intimate and heartfelt” work, offering an “honest and captivating” personal portrait of the Prince. Harry has vowed to present an “accurate and wholly truthful” account of his life within the book.

The Sussexes have been contacted for comment by

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