Pregnant Highland cow mauled to death by Rottweiler

A Rottweiler has killed a pregnant Highland cow by mauling its face and ripping its tongue out. 

Lexi the cow, who was kept as a pet, was supposed to give birth at the end of the month, but was killed by a dog which had escaped its owners’ house. It then entered the field in Quaker Bridge, Lancashire, where Lexi lived with 31 other cows and calves. 

Sarah Seed, 43, and her husband James, the cow’s owners, said the dog was so violent they could not enter the field until a local farmer had shot it. A local resident had called Ms Seed and told her what was happening.

The mum-of-two said they had planned to take the Rottweiler to the police station, but it was ‘uncontrollable’ when they arrived. 

She told the Scottish Sun: ‘It was pouncing and snarling at the gate. We didn’t know who it belonged to or what had happened to Lexi. 

‘The dog was very vicious, we couldn’t get into the field. We ordered the dog to be shot. Lexi was due to calve on the 28th.’

Ms Seed, who has kept Highland cows as pets for the last eight years, said the dog’s owners were very apologetic about the attack and paid for the costs involved. 

Ms Seed said: ‘We’d had Lexi for 10 months and she came to us because her owner couldn’t look after her anymore.

‘Lexi used to pinch biscuits and carrots out of your pocket. She had her own personality and was part of the family.’ 

The family have now set up a fundraiser to have Lexi and her unborn calf cremated. They have so-far raised £800 despite their target only being £650. 

Ms Seed said she thinks they have had so much support because people ‘appreciate’ them keeping Highland cows.

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