‘Pretty concerned’ US royal fans rally round ‘precious’ Queen after rest period extended

GB News: US royal fans rally round 'precious' Queen

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The Queen “reluctantly” agreed to slow down with her busy agenda after doctors advises she takes it easy following two weeks of intense engagements. Buckingham Palace confirmed on Thursday Her Majesty would skip an event at the Royal Albert Hall in early November but was firmly committed to being present to mark Remembrance Sunday on November 14. Royal commentator Kinsey Schofield noted the news had left some Royal Family supporters “pretty concerns” about the Queen but noted clear signs pointed at a mere need for rest rather than anything concerning for the public.

Speaking to GB News, Ms Schofield said: “We are pretty concerned.

“You can see that through the headlines we have here in the States. They’re curious.

As someone who loves the Royal Family and watches the Royal Family, I remember that Queen Victoria mourned for Prince Albert for 40 years.

“The fact we saw the Queen so quickly after Prince Philip’s death was incredible, we saw her a lot after Philip’s death surprised me quite a bit.”

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She continued: “Her mother lived to be 101 so I’m firmly under the belief she just needs a nap or two.

“She needs some rest and she’s quite frankly old. My thoughts and prayers are with the Royal Family but I also remember that we saw them kind of frazzled and surround themselves by Prince Philip.

“We saw them pursue him when he was ill which alerted us that perhaps it was really serious.

“And we’re not necessarily seeing that urgency in this instance. So again, I’m very much praying for her, I love her dearly, I think she’s absolutely precious but I wouldn’t go overboard.”

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Indeed, Prince Charles and Prince William both stepped up and are set to represent the Crown at the COP26 Summit opening in Glasgow Sunday.

Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, and Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge are also due to escort their husbands to Scotland to entertain delegates from all over the world.

Speaking exclusively to the Daily Express, the Prince of Wales said: “Sustainable urban development is clearly critical in responding to the climate emergency.

“We all know it’s so utterly and vitally important for the future of our planet and of course central, indeed absolutely fundamental I would have said, to any prospect of actually achieving the crucial COP26 targets.”

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Prince Charles will be delivering a speech in Glasgow, arguing that fixing cities remains key to cutting greenhouse gases.

On Wednesday, he discussed building sustainable cities across the 54 member nations of the Commonwealth.

He said: “The Commonwealth call to action seems to me to provide a perfect rallying point for Commonwealth member states, central and local government, civil society and organisations at all levels to come together seriously to support and deliver real and transformational change through the way that we plan and manage our cities and human settlements.”

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