Pretty UK village where residents are confused as to which county it belongs to

When we meet someone new it’s a question that we can almost not fail to ask…

“Where are you from?”.

And, as TV presenters Dan Walker and Helen Skelton discovered last week, the answer is very much tied up with our identities and who we feel we are.

The TV pair embarked on their new journey for their show Dan & Helen’s Pennine Adventure and it wasn’t long before they landed themselves in hot water, YorkshireLive reports.

The pair began their journey on Bamford Edge in Derbyshire’s Peak District, before heading on into Yorkshire via Snake Pass and having a quick stay in a campsite. 

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It was right at this point of the show, as they turned north, that fans thought Helen had made a mistake.

When describing the pair canoeing through a canal tunnel she said that the village of Diggle was in Lancashire, much to the anger of Yorkshire loyalists. 

The confusion arises from the Local Government Act in 1972 which, from 1974, abolished administrative counties and redrew the borders in several areas. That meant large parts of Yorkshire were reclassified as Lancashire.

But the government at the time promised the change was purely administrative and that historic Yorkshire would still be considered as Yorkshire even if run by a council like Greater Manchester. 

The landlord of The Diggle Hotel, Billy Buck, knows precisely where the land lies – and it’s for a hilarious reason.

Billy told Yorkshire Live: “It has been part of Lancashire and part of Yorkshire before, the Wars of the Roses, all the border changes, it all happens right on the hills here.

“We have a lot of people come to stay and always ask us which it is.

“For me it has never been a doubt and I’ll tell you why.

“When I played cricket and I’d have to go up over those hills and play in the Huddersfield district league and every time I went in to bat they’d be calling me a Lancastrian b******d.

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“So that settled it for me, if that’s the way they’re calling it, I’ll be a proud Lancastrian then.

“Nowadays we’re all part of Greater Manchester here anyway, all the money goes that way.”

But many residents feel proud of their Yorkshire roots.

Resident James said: “We still have a Yorkshire day every year here at the start of August and I think it’s a good thing we do.

“I wouldn’t consider myself Lancastrian in any way, it is a West Yorkshire village and has been as long as I’ve been alive.

“I know it causes a bit of debate locally because the council is Oldham now but it was just an arbitrary thing at the time.

“They just look at lines on a map and said ‘this is your part to look after’, it wasn’t to do with culture or identity.” 

Steve and Rachel, of Diggle Chippy at the heart of the village, were divided on their views.

Steve said: “It is one that causes a few arguments as far as I’m aware.

“It all comes from the changes in the councils back in the 70s and we’re now part of Oldham and Greater Manchester.

“For me, I’m a Yorkshire lad and I like to think this is a bit of Yorkshire too.

“I’d rather it was and we do have the white roses up every year to make that point.” 

Rachel didn’t agree, she said: “I’m Lancashire I’m afraid, I know it might not be that popular but I was brought up in Lancs and that is where we are.

“All of our money goes to Oldham council, all the services are Oldham and Greater Manchester.

“I think it is a bit of a throwback thing to call it Yorkshire, go to the pubs in Uppermill and get talking to the old boys and they’ll run you through all the reasons it is Yorkshire.

“It’s fun for a bit of a debate but it’s Lancashire isn’t it really, if we’re under the council and paying our taxes that way?” 

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