Prince Albert of Monaco unveils thorny link: ‘It’s a complicated relationship’

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While countries around the world deal with the economic fallout of coronavirus, Monaco has remained largely untouched by the financial disaster. Forecasters initially expected the state itself to face an economic disaster. With an economy largely revolved around tourism, money-making events being cancelled such as the Grand Prix and Céline Dion’s Monte Carlo performance threw Monaco’s income hopes into despair.

Yet, the strong performance of global financial markets has in many cases increased the wealth of Monaco’s ultra-wealthy as some of its 37,000 residents raced to trade their portfolios and boost their incomes.

Monaco has become a safe haven for the rich and wealthy, with it transforming into one of the most affluent countries in the world.

In recent years, Prince Albert of Monaco has started to open up the principality, in a bid to diversify its customer base as the young, rich and wealthy make their money from Youtube and gaming rather than acting and singing.

In 2012, documentary makers for the film ‘Privacy And Power: A year In The Life Of Prince Albert Of Monaco’ gained extensive access to Albert and Monaco, peeling away the layers of the secret prince.

In one instance, Albert revealed the one thing he had a complicated relationship with: technology.

It came during a tour of his office, when the narrator noted the absence of a computer and WiFi.

When asked why this was, Albert explained: “I have a complicated relationship with the internet.

“We see each other a few times a year.”

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Shortly after, Albert went on to detail the quirks about his work office.

He revealed it is the same place that his mother worked before she tragically passed away in a car accident in 1982.

Much of the office has been kept the same – a touching tribute to Princess Grace.

He said: “There are several pictures that we chose together.


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“And yes, there are a lot of objects, a lot of documents, papers, files and a lot of books.

“Let’s say that I am used to this organised chaos and it works for me!

“Don’t worry, it’s not because I’m running behind on the important documents.”

Earlier this year, Albert tested positive for COVID-19.

The prince continued to work through his illness however, as he holds the unique position of being both head of state and governor.

It came just days after Albert announced a nationwide lockdown – which has since been lifted.

Monaco has kept a lid on its coronavirus outbreak, with a total of just 186 cases recorded.

One person died from the disease in the principality.

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