Prince Andrew told not to unravel settlement, by legal expert

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Prince Andrew has been told to “search for a more meaningful existence” by a legal expert after reports suggest the Duke could attempt to unravel his settlement with Virginia Guiffre. The advice comes amid his extraordinary bid to clear his name.

A lawyer, who has been dubbed ‘Mr Loophole’, has said it would be a mistake for Andrew to reveal the total amount paid in his settlemten.

He said: “My advice to Prince Andrew would be: Don’t waste a moment considering whether to try and reopen a legally binding settlement.

“Instead, devote time in search of a more meaningful existence.”

This advice has been given after whispers mounted that Andrew is determined to clear his name and slowly bring himself back into the royal fold.

The lawyer, Nick Freeman, has worked alongside many celebrities who has been accused of various driving offences in court.

He argued that David Beckham should avoid the paparazzi after he was accused of speeding.

He also successfully petitioned that there was no proof that Jeremy Clarkson was behind the wheel when he obtained a speeding offence.

Despite the speculation over trying to turn the tide of public opinion, it remains unclear what actions Andrew has planned.

A source recently told the Mail Online that, while King Charles III respects that his younger brother has a right to try and clear his name, paving his way back into the fold and take on a more frontline royal role are “way off the mark” at present.

The source added that that is “very much not the King’s thinking”.

His elder son, and heir to the throne, Prince William supports his father’s beliefs, as well as firmly believes that his late grandmother did the right thing by stripping her second son of his royal titles.


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When the late Queen done so, Andrew was unable to use his HRH title in public, amid plans for his to fight the accusations as a “private citizen”.

Andrew, himself, requested to step back from royal duties amid the backlash from his disastrous interview with Emily Maitlis in 2019.

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