Prince Andrew ‘won’t be seen much at all’ once Prince Charles is King ‘A blanket no’

Prince Andrew faces 'dark future' when Charles takes the throne

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Earlier this week, Prince Andrew was banned from appearing at the Order Of The Garter ceremony alongside other members of the Royal Family. Andrew’s absence was allegedly due to intervention from Prince Charles and Prince William. The Duke’s absence, and tensions between him and his older brother, has led to questions surrounding his involvement within The Firm once Charles becomes King. Speaking on the latest episode of Royally Us, hosts Christina Garibaldi and Christine Ross discussed Andrew’s royal future under Charles’ reign.

Ms Garibaldi stated that the decision to not have Andrew at the event happened “last minute”, following “discussions held by Prince Charles and Prince William”.

The decision was made just before the ceremony took place and Andrew’s name was still “printed in the order of service that was handed out in the ceremony”.

Speaking to Christine, Ms Garibaldi said: “I’m so confused by this, why is he [Andrew] still even in conversations”.

Ms Ross agreed and added: “Why is this even part of the conversation, it should just be a blanket no”.

Ms Ross added: “I wonder if this was maybe a way to, sort of, appease Andrew saying you can’t be there but we’ll still out your name on the list.

“I mean, he is technically a knight of the garter and technically you can never, you know, never be removed from that order.

“So I wonder if that was, sort of, a way to appease him, but the powers that be, know that Andrew cannot be in the spotlight right now”.

Ms Ross, speaking to Christina, added that there is a previous story that came out where Andrew is “trying [to] favour his way back in and rejoin royal life and everyone is shaking their heads like, no no no, you cannot come back.”

She noted a few other recent stories that he’s either “at the church with the Queen” or “you know, this Order Of The Garter thing”, adding that “he hasn’t actually, sort of, fallen off the radar, the way that he’s supposed to be.”

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Ms Garibaldi added: “Maybe that he just doesn’t, this is all speculation, that he just doesn’t get the magnitude of what he did and what he was accused of.

“He really needs to take a step back and I feel like once Charles becomes King, I think, we won’t see much of Andrew at all.

“But who knows, we’ll have to wait and see.”


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Virginia Giuffre claimed Prince Andrew sexually assaulted her on three occasions when she was 17, allegations he has repeatedly denied.

In the wake of the sex scandal allegations, Andrew announced he was to step down from royal duties, with permission to do so from the Queen.

In February 2022, it was confirmed that Prince Andrew had agreed to pay a settlement fee to bring the civil sexual assault case brought by his accuser to a close.

The total amount of the settlement has never been announced.

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