Prince Andrew’s lawsuit ruling not a ‘knockout blow’ for Duke as legal battle to go ahead

GB News: Prince Andrew's lawsuit ruling not a 'knockout blow'

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Commentator Peter Hunt claimed Prince Andrew is yet to get a “knockout blow” as he can make another attempt to avoid the lawsuit proceeding to trial. Mr Hunt claimed the Duke of York could seek to make an argument contesting the lawsuit on the grounds that his accuser, Virginia Giuffre, does not reside in the United States. Mr Hunt also claimed Prince Andrew could seek to keep his testimony and any other depositions from members of the Royal Family secret to avoid potential image repercussions.

Mr Hunt told LBC: “It’s a blow, it’s a serious blow but is not yet a knockout blow to his attempts to stop this case in its tracks.

“He’ll make another attempt even though he lost on his strongest argument which was what we’ve been hearing about.

“He could now try getting it dismissed on the basis of his argument that his accuser, Virginia Giuffre, actually lives in Australia not in the US so she can’t bring charges in America.

“Her side have said all along she is domiciled in Colorado, where her mum lives and is registered a vote so that could be their next attempt.”

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He continued: “If they fail in that then, as we’ve been hearing, the options are not necessarily really good for him because the process of this case coming to court in September-December then gets underway which includes the need for him to be deposed and for him to answer questions from his accuser Virginia Giuffre.

LBC host Eddie Mair said: “For a member of the Royal Family, a senior member, perhaps, the member of the Royal Family closest to the Queen, to be interviewed under oath at all but to be interviewed under oath at all but to be interviewed under oath about such serious offences, I wonder that is something that the Royal Family would allow to happen.

Mr Hunt replied: “Well, I think it’s the first step. Another thing we shouldn’t lose sight of in this welter of information is that there will also be an attempt that’s been suggested by Andrew’s side to keep all his testimony secret to address that very issue of whether or not the words of a senior member of the British Royal Family was to be in court papers available to a source

“So they may well attempt that would be the first aspect if they fail on that, then it is not an attractive option.”

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While the future of the lawsuit remains hanging in the balance, commentators appear now quite united in assessing the Duke of York is unlikely to resume his royal duties in the future.

Daily Mirror’s Royal Editor Russell Myers told podcast Pod Save the Queen: “The way that he has conducted himself, be it his ‘Newsnight’ interview, talking about being honourable, talking about how the relationship with Epstein was beneficial to him, the wall of silence that has persisted throughout this case with Virginia Giuffre, is frankly shameful.

“I think that in the court of public opinion, which is absolutely rampant right now, a lot of people are saying that it’s not a particularly honourable thing to be trying to get off facing a court, and facing down your accuser, from a technicality that was used by a convicted sex offender and paedophile who chose to take his own life, rather than face further scrutiny in court.”


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In an attempt to have the lawsuit from Giuffre dismissed, the Duke of York’s legal team argued a settlement agreement between his accused and Jeffrey Epstein would free him of any liabilities.

Mr Myers continued: “His reputation is absolutely in the gutter.

“He must be the only person on this planet who believes that he has any chance of returning to frontline duties.

“And I think from speaking to people close to him, that he still believes that there is a way back.”

Were the two parties not to agree to a settlement, a trial is expected to take place in September 2022.

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