Prince Charles ‘absolutely’ should become Prince Regent: ‘Logical step’

Queen's Speech: 'Significant' for Prince Charles to step in says Palmer

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The Queen could use the Regency Act to pass her duties to Prince Charles “within a year”, a royal author has claimed. Charles has already taken the place of his mother in her absence at events in the past year including the State Opening of Parliament earlier this week.

Former royal editor at The Sun, Duncan Larcombe, has claimed that the Queen’s absence from the State Opening of Parliament has “changed everything” and Charles could be acting as regent “within a year”. 

He added: “It’s one thing not being able to go to an engagement in Glasgow for a climate summit, but if she is now apparently incapable of doing standard, core jobs as head of state, then I think they will have to remove her, by consent of course.”

Charles could be given the responsibility to carry out the Queen’s duties by being named as Prince Regent under the Regency Act.

The Regency Act 1937 states that the monarch’s duties will be carried out by a regent if the monarch is declared to be “by reason of infirmity of mind or body” incapable of performing royal functions, or if there is “evidence that the Sovereign is for some definite cause not available for the performance of those functions”.

In a poll that ran from 1pm on Wednesday, May 11, to 2pm on Friday, May 13, asked: “Would you accept King Charles as regent for the Queen this year?” 

A total of 4,681 people responded with the overall result being “yes” Charles would be accepted as regent for the Queen this year, gaining 76 percent (3,580 people) of the vote. 

Meanwhile, 23 percent answered “no” they would not accept Charles as regent for the Queen this year. 

A further one percent (41 people) said they did not know either way.

Hundreds of comments were left below the accompanying article with readers sharing their views on Charles becoming regent in a lively debate.

One reader, username somewhereupnorth said: “Yes absolutely – it’s the progression of the Royal Family – Charles is our next Monarch. 

“Charles is now stepping up due to his mother’s – understandably – increasing frailty. Good luck to him.”

And username catherine42 said: “Yes!! This would be a very good compromise, allowing him the job, with Her Majesty for any advice needed.”

Others were in agreement that Charles becoming regent was a good decision given the Queen’s “episodic mobility problems” which have forced her to miss out on several recent engagements.

Username Malcolm 1 said: “Charles as ‘Prince Regent’ would be a logical step to take considering the Queen’s health. 

“He would blend into the role quite easily, and it would prepare him for his future role as King.

Username Suzie22 said: “Why shouldn’t we? He is the next in line to the throne. With the Queen’s health waning it makes sense for him to support her.”

And username Breadroll wrote: “Yes of course. Charles is next in line to the throne. He is already in this position really given our good Queen’s ill health.”

Some thought that the Queen should be able to enjoy a retirement after reigning for 70 years.

Username DonnaM12 said: “I would like to see Her Majesty have a wonderful Jubilee year, then step away and enjoy her retirement. 

“Leave the day to day tasks to her very experienced son, enjoy life at Balmoral with her dogs and be happy.”

Another, username MissingEUAlready2 wrote: “Of course. Her Majesty has served us steadfastly for approaching 70 years. She needs to ease up and delegate more to the next in line.”

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Others felt satisfied with the current arrangements of senior royals including Prince Charles stepping up to support the Queen in her absence. 

He is currently one of four Counsellors of State meaning he is authorised to act formally on behalf of the monarch. 

Username Alastair said: “Charles can perform all the Queen’s duties as necessary and as she directs without becoming regent. He only needs to become regent if she becomes mentally incapable.”

While username ja50 said: “The Queen is still in command and continues to undertake her duties and it’s only her mobility that is a problem. So no, a regent is not required.”

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