Prince Charles and Camilla attacked on wedding anniversary – told to return to London

Prince Charles and Camilla marked their 15th wedding anniversary by publishing a never-before-seen picture on social media. But the light-hearted picture upset some social media users, who accused the royals of endangering Scottish people during the coronavirus crisis. 

The snap depicts the couple sitting on the porch of their Scottish home in casual attire.

Smiling Camilla leans towards her husband Charles, and they are both cuddling on their laps their dogs.

As confirmed by Clarence House, the picture of the loved-up pairs was taken yesterday at Birkhall.

The caption to the picture, shared yesterday evening, read: “Ahead of The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall’s 15th wedding anniversary tomorrow, we are sharing this photo of Their Royal Highnesses with The Duchess’s dogs Bluebell and Beth.  

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“The photo was taken earlier today at Birkhall.”

One social media user attacked Camilla and Charles’s decision to travel to Scotland on March 13, when the risks of spreading the virus were already known around the world and in the UK.

They said: “Wouldn’t it be nice if this photo had been taken in Clarence House but of course Charlie, entourage and his virus ignored the Government advice and travelled to Scotland!” 

Another said: “Yeah thanks for training resources in the NHS and police by fleeing to Scotland when you were symptomatic.

“Then your staff walking around Ballater potentially infecting the town folk.

“Disgraceful behaviour feel free to go back to London as soon as.”

Prince Charles tested positive for coronavirus on March 24, but his doctors believe he started being infectious on the day he left for Scotland.

A third said: “Must be lovely to be able to avoid travel ban, especially when symptomatic, at this time.

“What’s your message to other holiday homeowners and caravaners who are also travelling at this time?”

Prince Charles and Camilla travelled to their Scottish retreat on March 13.

The Scottish Government issued an official warning against making any non-essential travel three days later.    

Earlier in March, Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon had already banned mass gathering and warned the advice on coronavirus would likely change as the number of cases was rising.

On March 21, the Scottish Tourism Secretary Fergus Ewing lashed out at people travelling to their second homes, saying they were behaving irresponsibly.

He said: “I am furious at the reckless and irresponsible behaviour of some people travelling to the Highland and Islands.

“This has to stop now. 

“Let me be crystal clear, people should not be travelling to rural and island communities full stop.

“They are endangering lives. Do not travel.”

While some social media users remain angry at the royals’ decision to travel in the midst of the pandemic, others took to Twitter and Instagram to congratulate on Charles and Camilla’s wedding anniversary.

One said: “Your Royal Highness, many congratulations on your wedding anniversary tomorrow. 

“I love the picture of you both, together with your splendid Jack Russells, they are wonderful dogs – my ageing little one is a delight and looks rather similar to the one you are holding Sir!”

Another wrote: “Happy 15th wedding anniversary for tomorrow.

“This is one of the best photos I have seen of you both. Relaxed and happy xx”

And a third added: “Lovely photo of them both. Happy Anniversary Prince Charles and HRH Camilla”.   

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