Prince Charles asks Martin Lewis to help as household bills soar

Martin Lewis despairs offering energy advice to pensioner

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The financial journalist, 50, received a CBE at a ceremony at Windsor Castle on Tuesday. During the event, he spoke to the Prince of Wales who said he was concerned about the rising cost of living. Experts are suggesting that energy price caps could go up by as much as 64% in October taking household bills to more than £3,000 a year.

And taking to Twitter to address the suggestion that Prince Charles asked him to help with the crisis, Martin wrote: “This is true. I am raising an alarm over catastrophic energy bills this winter and the Prince of Wales did ask me to send him a briefing note on the new scale of the energy bills crisis (which I of course will happily do)…”

The broadcaster, who has his own show on ITV, warned the energy crisis is “potentially more dangerous to lives than the pandemic”, reports Wales Online.

Speaking at Windsor, Martin said: “I would be far happier to have come and got my honour and have a nice fun day and not be talking about this because the world is wonderful but the world isn’t wonderful right now. And I think this is potentially more dangerous to lives than the pandemic.

“It is a cataclysmic problem that is going to face the country this winter. I am without embarrassment deliberately, provocatively, raising an alarm right now. And I will do that with everyone. And when you get the ear of the Prince of Wales for a moment like that it seemed the right time to take advantage.”

It comes after Martin, who founded, questioned what Conservative party leadership candidates were offering to do to help ease cost of living pressures.

Posting on Twitter he said: “Question I’d like all potential Conservative leaders to answer (RT if agree). The energy price cap’s predicted to rise 64% in Oct taking a typical bill to £3,244/yr; & rise again in Jan to £500/yr more than when May’s help package was announced. What’ll u do to avoid this & when?”

The energy price cap already ballooned by 54% in April, hitting £1,971 as gas prices soared from last summer. Since then gas markets have remained tough for buyers.

Last week experts at Cornwall Insight predicted that the cap could reach £3,244 per year from October and then £3,363 per year between January and March. The cap is calculated based on the price of gas and electricity on the wholesale market setting what Ofgem believes is a fair price for suppliers to charge their customers.

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