Prince Charles became FIRST royal child allowed to attend event 27 million people watched

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During the Royal Rota podcast, ITV News royal editor Chris Ship and Lizzie Robinson discussed Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation. Ms Robinson stated a very young Prince Charles looked bored throughout the three-hour long service.  

Ms Robinson said: “There are some really nice details about the Queen’s coronation.

“Prince Charles was the first child to witness his mother’s coronation.

“He was only young at the time and there are pictures of him looking slightly bored.”

Mr Ship added: “

Ms Robinson replied: “Yes three hours, it was a very long service.

“It was also the first coronation to be televised and I think around 27 million people tuned in to see that moment.”

Last month a royal historian outlined Prince of Wales’ “uncomfortable” past could result in him dividing opinion as King.

Royal expert Piers Brendon told ITV’s documentary Inside the Crown: Secrets of the Royals that Prince Charles has uncomfortable baggage that Queen Elizabeth II never had when she became monarch. 

Mr Brendon said: “He has got a lot of uncomfortable baggage that the Queen never had.

“She emerged absolutely pristine onto the throne.

“He has had a very rackety past.

“He could do the crucial thing which a monarch shouldn’t do which is to divide opinion rather than unite it.”

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During the same documentary, royal expert Dickie Arbiter stated that when Prince Charles becomes King he will have to “constitutionally keep his mouth shut”.

Mr Arbiter said: “He has written letters to ministers asking the sort of question that we would want an answer to.

“He won’t be able to do that when he becomes King.

“When he becomes King constitutionally, he will have to keep his mouth shut.”

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