Prince Charles birthday to be ‘tinged with sadness’ – day marks unhappy Harry milestone

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Charles, Prince of Wales is celebrating his birthday on Remembrance Sunday. Not only will he be thinking about those who lost their lives to war but also miss Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, whom he has not seen for months.

Remembrance Sunday falls on the second Sunday of November each year. This time, that is the 14th, the day of Charles’ birthday.

Politicians, members of the Royal Family and Her Majesty The Queen, who has no intention to miss the event despite her recent health scare, will be at the ceremony at the Cenotaph to dedicate a moment of reflection for the people who lost their lives in World War 1 and World War 2.

Remembrance Sunday is an incredibly important event for the Royal Family, but it is thought the absence of one member of the Firm will be greatly felt.

Prince Harry, 37, already missed out on last year’s Remembrance Sunday.

This year, the last time he was in the UK was for the unveiling of the statue of Diana, where royal fans were glad to see him reunited with his brother William, Duke of Cambridge.

While he is not expected to travel to London this week, he has been paying tribute to military personnel in the US.

Yesterday, at the Salute to Freedom gala organised at the Intrepid Museum in New York, he said in a speech: “Many of us in this room understand why servicemembers often feel isolated after they come home or once they leave the forces.

“Wouldn’t you? For years, we — and our families — orient our entire lives around the mission, the duty, the commitment, and yes, the hurry up and wait.

“And when we return, we long for the same feelings and contributions: self-purpose, focus, service to others, and being part of a team.”

Thanking Americans for their support “in defence of our freedoms and liberties”, the Duke added: “It reminds me of the deep reverence us Brits have for our military as well.

“The armed forces communities in both our countries share a special bond, and I’m grateful to have served in support of our joint allyship for many years.”

Harry served in the Army for a decade and completed two tours in Afghanistan, rising to the rank of Captain.

He said his military journey “made me who I am today”.

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Prince Harry’s strong connection with the Army echoes his father’s.

Following the Royal Family’s old tradition of serving in the Royal Navy, the Prince of Wales began his naval career right after his investiture.

He trained as a Royal Air Force jet pilot in 1971 and started his military service on the guided-missile destroyer HMS Norfolk the same year.

His duty spanned until 1976 but even after that, he underwent parachute training and continued to pilot occasionally.

In 2012, Prince Charles was awarded the highest rank in all three military services by the Queen – becoming a Field Marshal, Admiral of the Fleet and Marshal of the Royal Air Force.

Though Remembrance Sunday is undoubtedly an awaited occasion for him, it will this year “be tinged with great sadness” due to Harry’s absence, a GoodtoKnow article about the day pointed out.

The relationship between father and son is thought to be poor since Harry moved to California last year, and the Sussexes’ bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey only heightened tensions.

In the tell-all sitdown, Harry said Charles had been refusing to take his calls and cut him off financially.

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